Timeshare Marketing Tips for Legacy Resorts: Find New Ways to Reach and Engage Current and Future Owners

by Bryan TenBroek | September 17, 2018

Just back from participating as a panelist at Interval International’s HOA Insights conference in Los Angeles, where we focused on HOA and timeshare marketing tips for how they can find new owners and better engage current owners. Independent operators often have older properties and a more mature owner base, and they face unique challenges as a result.

Digital Challenges & Opportunities for Collections Letters and Payments: Insights from the ACA International 2018 Conference & Expo

by Bryan TenBroek | August 8, 2018

Our first time exhibiting at the ACA International 2018 Convention & Expo, held in Nashville, was a big success. We met with clients, greeted prospective new customers, showcased our cloud-based applications for customer communications management and payments technology, and heard some thought-provoking speakers. The convention, packed with more than 1,000 attendees, was humming.

Vacation Ownership: ARDA World 2018 Reveals More Sunshine Ahead

by Bryan TenBroek | May 23, 2018

What a great show and fabulous venue for ARDA World 2018 in Las Vegas! Fortunately, my top takeaways from the event strongly suggest that what happens in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas: Trends point to continued good times for the vacation ownership industry and its customers.

ARDA World 2018: Mapping the Customer Journey Goes Prime Time

by Bryan TenBroek | May 18, 2018

I am proud to say we had a sell-out crowd at our workshop, called “From Lead to Loyalty: A Vacation Owner’s Journey,” at ARDA World 2018 held this first week of May in Las Vegas.

The draw for our 160 attendees: Frank discussions and practical advice about taking that critical step of customer journey mapping and then making changes in every interaction with the vacation owner to improve customer experience (CX) so you can boost satisfaction and revenue.

User Generated Content Ideas Will Power Your Marketing

by Bryan TenBroek | April 25, 2018

Sure, customers can be great ambassadors for products or services and often don’t hesitate to express themselves through online product reviews, tweets, testimonials, videos and blog posts. But how much should you encourage or feature this user-generated content created by unpaid contributors?  Answer, a lot. In the following, I suggest some user-generated content ideas that you may find to be powerful assets in accomplishing your marketing goals.

Color Is the New Black in Communications

by Bryan TenBroek | January 15, 2018

Speed skaters preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea are embracing blue as they dream of gold. That’s because some countries, in an effort to give their athletes any legal edge in these international games, are buying into a circulating theory that blue is the fastest color, according to a recent New York Times story. Come February, look for blue racing suits for skaters from Germany, Norway, and South Korea, which is a big change in particular for Norway, with its long history of dominating the sport in its signature red uniforms.

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