The Case for APIs to Improve Document Storage and Retrieval

  It’s no secret:  A whole lot of companies’ document storage and retrieval practices are mired in the past. A straightforward tactic called API, or application program interface, leverages existing technology to boost access, productivity and customer service to get you unstuck and up to speed.  (more…)

New Healthcare Payment Systems Drive a Better Patient Experience

McKinsey & Company research shows consumers are steadily moving toward digital healthcare experiences. They are using new technologies developed for healthcare companies to both improve patient satisfaction with their payment systems and reduce dissatisfaction with healthcare as a whole. (more…)

Highlights from #ARDAWorld: Top Industry Trends

We’re back from ARDA (#ARDAWorld), which was held in a new venue for the first time in 25 years. We found New Orleans to be an exciting change, with fun options for dining and entertaining clients. The sessions were exciting, too, with these topics generating the most buzz: Industry growth and consolidation…