To our valued suppliers,

Please take a moment to learn about several changes we are introducing to streamline our accounts payable process.

Effective March 2022, Nordis Technologies will no longer be issuing paper checks as a form of payment. Moving forward, our preferred payment method is Virtual Card. This change to our accounts payable process will give us the flexibility to make payments faster, more securely and eliminate the use of mailed paper checks.

Our payment solution partner is Finexio. Finexio will deliver payments to you on Nordis Technologies’ behalf, preferably via a single-use Virtual Card. Virtual Cards may be processed using your existing card payment solution: if you do not have one today, Finexio can partner with you to establish one.

Finexio will be reaching out to Nordis Technologies’ suppliers on how to get started and enroll in the new process. If you have any program or payment related questions, you can email Finexio at

Should you have any general questions regarding this announcement, please do not hesitate to contact

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