4 Ways to Optimize Your Direct Mail Costs

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What’s the secret to optimizing your direct mail costs? Doing as much work for the post office as you can. At Nordis Technologies, we understand that the more we do in advance, the more savings we can pass on to our clients. That’s why we offer the following services:


Presorting Services

One way we can lower your direct mail costs is to presort your mail. Essentially, presorting means grouping your mail by ZIP Code so all of the pieces going to the same destination are gathered into the same bundles/trays for presentation to the local USPS delivery point. By presorting and packing your mail, we maximize postal discounts over the full rate of postage. Based on the specific attributes of your mail piece and the service you request, we can determine the proper presort method and take care of all the sorting requirements for you.

Destination Discounts for Standard Mail

It just makes sense. If the USPS doesn’t have to transport your presorted mail to its final destination, your postal rate is discounted even more! We will go the extra mile and deliver your qualified presorted standard postage mail to specific postal centers (Network Distribution Centers (NDCs), Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs) or Delivery Destination Units (DDUs) across the country. The combined cost of the destination discounted postal rate and the logistics costs will be even lower than the non-destination presort rate.

Commingling Services

Commingling means we work with third-party services that will process your metered mail together with mail from other companies. This enables us to get better postage rates that we can then pass on to you. It’s that simple.

National Change of Address (NCOA) / CASS Certification

NCOA and CASS help reduce the instance of undeliverable mail by updating the addresses in your mailing list prior to mailing. How this works: we compare the mailing list you provide us to the full USPS NCOA database, which contains millions of records, including change of address requests filed over the last 48 months. We then use a Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) that validates, corrects and standardizes these mailing addresses to help you qualify for the highest postal discounts. This in turn saves thousands of dollars that would have been spent on wasted materials and postage.

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