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Streamline your healthcare communications with HIPAA-compliant patient statement printing and mailing services combined with our leading digital healthcare communications platform, Expresso™.

Better Patient Communications. Better Financial Performance.

Gain complete control over creating and sending bills, patient statements, and other financial communications with our automated platform. Whether you need statement printing and mailing, email, or text, our Expresso omnichannel communication platform lets you manage every step with ease.

  • Simplify the patient statement printing and mailing process
  • Seamlessly integrate with our print and mail outsourcing services
  • Personalize messaging and delivery channels
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Facilitate conversion to digital communications
  • Accelerate patient collections and drive revenue faster

Patient Statements and Communications, Simplified

With our HIPAA-compliant patient statement printing and mailing services and our Expresso platform,

you can easily design, produce, and deliver healthcare documents from one central location.

Streamline Collection Communications and Payments

HIPAA-Compliant Patient Statement Printing and Mailing Services

When you combine our powerful Expresso automation platform with our outsourced patient statement printing and mailing services, you get a partnership that becomes your superpower. We’ll handle the heavy lifting while enabling you to easily make updates in the platform whenever you need. Some of the patient communications we cover include:

  • Patient printed statements and e-statements
  • Statement inserts
  • Compliance letters
  • Patient collections notifications
  • Payment reminders & confirmations
  • Refund checks
Couple viewing patient statements on a mobile device.

ExpressoPay® Digital Patient Engagement

Healthcare consumers expect a more convenient financial experience and many change providers over a poor digital experience. Meet consumer expectations and increase effectiveness with ExpressoPay, the electronic bill presentment and payments (EBPP) solution that integrates with Expresso for managing patient financial communications and payments.

  • Accept digital payments via your branded payment portal, mobile devices and IVR/CSR.
  • Designate ACH, credit/debit cards and other payment methods.
  • Optimize collections by enabling one-time payments, recurring payments and rules-driven payment plans with notifications.

features and benefits

Improve Patient Communications and Collections with Expresso

Accelerate client onboarding

Revenue cycle management firms and providers can easily scale, quickly adding new healthcare organzaitons and locations and creating branded, personalized communications in a few days versus one to two months.

Leverage modern technology

Digitally transform and automate operations with our hosted patient statement services that don’t require capital investments or major IT involvement, but drastically improve the customer and employee experience.

Strengthen security and compliance

Our systems, processes and production facilities provide a secure business environment that is HIPAA-compliant and includes SOC 2 Type II certification.

Go digital

Meet growing demands for digital and mobile options while maintaining print and mail communications with Expresso software that lets users share content and workflows across communications channels.

Improve cash flow with omnichannel delivery

Engage consumers and lower barriers to payment with efficient, compliant communications – from mail to mobile – that lead to more satisfied patients and a healthier bottom line.

Streamline document management

Simplify complexity with one platform for omnichannel communications. Use it to develop, review, approve, change, track, generate reports and archive print/mail, emails and texts.

Young African American couple paying medical bills on laptop


Making Medical Bills a Higher Payment Priority for Consumers

Learn the most effective strategies and technologies you can use to improve the patient financial experience. Download our white paper and discover:

  • Issues impacting patient payments
  • How to leverage technology for better CX
  • 5 new CX best practices
  • How to implement new best practices
  • Tips on revving up results


Empower employees and improve patient experience.

Expresso is designed for business users, automating manual tasks and allowing revenue cycle employees to focus on new communications strategies and capabilities that improve patient financial engagement and experience.


Sutherland Healthcare Reduces Costs for Patient Statements and Communications

See how Sutherland Healthcare’s revenue cycle management team reduced costs creating custom statements with Expresso and using Nordis’ patient statement printing and mailing services.


Communicating with patients about their financial responsibility allows you to get paid faster. The essential part of healthcare financial communications is giving patients a clear understanding of how much they owe and multiple ways to resolve their bills. Nordis Technologies is the healthcare financial communications leader with more options for sending patient statements and more methods for patients to pay their bills.

Over 30% of patients indicate paying for healthcare is inconvenient, even when it’s affordable. Patients prefer electronic communications and paying with debit or credit cards. When patient statement vendors offer more options, patients can choose whatever payment type works for them.

Flexibility prompts quicker payment and lets the healthcare provider show that they care about their patient’s needs and preferences. Nordis Technologies patient communication services provide many flexible options for sending patient statements, like email, SMS, and print mail.

It takes approximately 3-4 billing statements to get a patient to pay their bill in full. That number can be reduced by presenting a clear understanding of the patient’s portion of the balance, taking into consideration what insurance is covering, and offering more options for payment. Expresso healthcare communication software allows many payment options and allows healthcare providers to send statements with the client’s preferred method of receiving bills.

Your patient statement vendor should give you agile healthcare communication software, allow you to accept a wide range of payment types, and merge digital and print mail communications.

Expresso healthcare communication software provides all these vital services that allow you to accelerate your revenue cycle. Nordis’ print mail integration is the industry’s most innovative and practical financial communications software.

Expresso patient communication services give you unparalleled control over creating, modifying, and distributing financial communications for healthcare providers.

Expresso healthcare communication software allows you to convert patient statements into revenue 35% faster. Expresso also will enable you to cycle communications to patients 78% quicker.

Expresso lets you create your content library with logos, text, and images. You can upload a single data file to merge and personalize your patient financial communication dynamically. You can easily automate your recurring patient statements allowing you to cycle communications faster for improved revenue.


Driving Results with Expresso


Percentage of consumers who believe they should have the right to choose how they receive bills and statements.

*Two Sides North America 2023 Trend Tracker Survey

Percentage of consumers who used some form of digital payment in 2023.

*McKinsey’s 2023 Digital Payments Consumer Survey

Approximate number of communications that Expresso delivers every day.


Increase in communications efficiencies using Expresso.


What Our Clients Have To Say

We have leveraged Expresso’s advanced integration capabilities so patients can securely view their own letters and statements through a self-service patient portal. This has the dual benefit of improved patient satisfaction and cost savings.

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, LLC

Expresso gives us complete access for managing the templates, content and business rules that drive the onboarding and change management process for our hospital clients. By streamlining the workflow, we have more insight into our communication touchpoints, manage our operations more efficiently and can rapidly respond to the unique and changing requirements of our clients.

Fazie Harney
Vice President, Applications Health Care Financial Services – TeamHealth

We believe caring for our patients includes the financial experience, and it is our goal to make receiving and paying bills easier and more personalized. Our cloud-based system from TD Bank and Nordis gives us new capabilities and flexibility to cater to each patient’s preferences, increasing satisfaction and financial engagement.

Anne Goodwill Pritchett, MPA, FHFMA
Executive Vice President of Revenue Operations – Hackensack Meridian Health

Nordis provides both CCM and print and mail services that are state-of-the-art, with the ability to easily scale for quickly onboarding new clients and accommodating our fast growth. Like Cedar, Nordis brings innovative technology to improve patient financial engagement and digitally transform operations.

Florian Otto, MD, PhD
Co-Founder and CEO – Cedar

Improving the patient experience comes from the ability to customize letters and control letter templates to deliver our best-practices letters on Day 1. There’s flexibility for us to add website URLs or QR codes to letters at the drop of a hat.

Jeff Nieman
CEO – Meduit

Our job is to bring innovative solutions to the healthcare RCM group to drive down costs, improve operations, and engage patients. That’s exactly what Nordis is doing. Just one example is the ease of implementing new clients with Nordis: It’s like night and day.

Jaison Harada
AVP Revenue Cycle Management Innovation – Sutherland Healthcare

Our CCM system is easy to work with. It provides a lot more control. It gets high marks hitting the pain points we experienced.

Steve Wing
Vice President of Operations – HBCS

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