HOA Voting Software for Stress-free Elections

Even as HOAs rapidly multiply, simplify HOA elections while improving owner participation and satisfaction with greater choice and convenience. Customize and distribute governance and election materials, plus handle online, in-person and mailed ballots and proxies for each association.

Build a better election process

Integrated into the Expresso customer communications management platform, ExpressoVote® enables election communications and voting management from a single cloud-based dashboard. Brand documents for each resort property and HOA and automate each HOA’s specific vote weighting. We’ve got a proven process for authenticating each owner and keeping votes confidential. With ExpressoVote, you have access to real-time tabulation and third-party election certification that builds owner trust and engagement.


Increase owner participation with ExpressoVote®

Simplify Governance

Combine election communications and voting to manage the entire season from a single dashboard.

Increase Efficiency and Control

Move to an automated process. Establish business rules to run your election process and easily develop and distribute customized ballots and other election materials for each HOA.

Improve Election Participation

Monitor results 24/7 to ensure quorum is met and send follow-up mail, email or text communications to increase voter response.

Save Time and Money

Reduce print and mail costs with an opt-in process for digital delivery of HOA governance and election-related communications. Online voting and tabulation reduces return postage and manual handling costs while speeding results.

Enhance Owner Confidence

Provide real-time results during the annual meeting and third-party election certification.

key features

Single Dashboard

Managed election communications, voting and results reporting

Turnkey Solution

Electronic and print communications development, production and distribution, plus tabulation, results reporting and certification of voting


Mail, email, SMS/Text, plus in-person, mailed and online voting

User Tools

Track real-time voting results, archive election materials, generate reports at any time

Multiple HOAs

Just one ExpressoVote configuration to service multiple HOAs with HOA-specific content and voting rules

Setting Parameters

From login credentials to rules for voiding votes, plus owner ability to revise/revoke votes


Unique set of log-in credentials to each owner and specific URL for each HOA

Third-party Certification and Authentication

Independent authority to validate process and results


What Our Clients Have To Say

Nordis gave us the ability to seamlessly toggle between digital and print on one platform, letting us create documents that look the same in both channels. It’s the perfect hybrid to boost efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

Associated Asset Management (AAM)

Expresso gives us a centralized place to manage different HOA communications, including annual meeting notices, and the associated elections, on one integrated platform. We can quickly onboard resorts with Expresso and deliver communications digitally and offer an online voting option if that’s what an owner prefers. Its flexibility and scalability are critical, along with the reporting capabilities to properly capture owner votes. The speed and efficiencies gained will immediately impact operations.

Michelle DuChamp
Head of Partner Services – Vacatia

Nordis’ technology allows us to upgrade our entire communications process. Not only can we more easily and quickly manage documents from development to delivery for all of our resorts, but Expresso gives us new capabilities and flexibility for producing more creative and customized statement layouts and messages to fit the needs of each resort and cater to owner preferences.

John Willman
Treasurer and Vice President of Mortgage Services – Westgate Resorts

Because of our accelerated growth, we needed a partner with state-of-the-art capabilities to accommodate high volumes and a wide variety of communications at a rapidly increasing rate. With Nordis Technologies, we can produce and scale timely, customized, branded communications that ensure owners stay up to date on association news, community events and announcements.

Jennifer Jordan
Executive Vice President of Operations – RealManage

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