Streamline Your Workflow with Automated AP Payments

Leverage payments-as-a-service platform powered by Finexio to bring innovation to accounts payable operations. Replace time-consuming and error-prone manual processes with streamlined, automated electronic payments. Manage the complexity of proliferating payment methods, terms, channels and types.

Increase Productivity and Cashflow with AP Payments-as-a-Service

Our AP payments-as-a-service helps ensure vendor payments meet contractual obligations, even giving vendors the option for early payment, while digitally transforming accounts payable operations for great efficiency. Here’s how:

  • Save Time – By removing administrative payment tasks and supplier management
  • Reduce Costs – By eliminating manual work, paper, preventing errors, and generating revenue from AP spend
  • Prevent Fraud – By reducing payment management liability and removing security burdens
  • Gain Visibility & Control – With insight into who is being paid, how much, and by what method


Free up to 84% of your AP staff’s time related to supplier payments

Easily transition away from manual payment processing, including paper checks, and supplier exception handling to modern, fast, and secure electronic payments with AP Payments as a Service.

Fully Managed Payment Delivery & Operations

Finexio delivers 100% of your payments. You focus on “who” to pay we determine “how”

High-Touch Supplier Enablement

All supplier payment communication managed including ongoing conversion to electronic payments

Payment Data Management & Security

Account information is securely collected, validated, encrypted, and stored, preventing fraudulent activity

Dynamic Payment Reporting & Analytics

Gain unmatched visibility and control of your payment data in one centralized location for reporting

Revenue Generating Payments

Create a new revenue stream by converting existing AP spend to electronic payment methods

Strategic Benefits of AP Payments-as-a-Service

  • Paper-free from day 1 – immediately take advantage of the modern electronic payments without a lengthy change-management process
  • Eliminate internal resource time or headcount for processing manual payments
  • A holistic and sustainable model that adapts to changes in supplier preferences for long-term success for both buyer and supplier
  • Digital payments and data security protect against payment fraud without investing in a complex and costly process
  • Unmatched visibility into payments that you never had access to before

Key AP Payments-as-a-Service Features

  • 10+ payment options
  • Automation and artificial intelligence
  • Real-time actionable insights
  • White-glove AP staff and supplier staff support
  • Seamless integration with Expresso
  • Fast implementation
  • Streamlined supplier onboarding
  • Online supplier portal to track payments


What Our Clients Have To Say

We have leveraged Expresso’s advanced integration capabilities so patients can securely view their own letters and statements through a self-service patient portal. This has the dual benefit of improved patient satisfaction and cost savings.

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, LLC

Expresso gives us complete access for managing the templates, content and business rules that drive the onboarding and change management process for our hospital clients. By streamlining the workflow, we have more insight into our communication touchpoints, manage our operations more efficiently and can rapidly respond to the unique and changing requirements of our clients.

Fazie Harney
Vice President, Applications Health Care Financial Services – TeamHealth

Nordis offered us the best, most flexible platform to improve connectivity with all our customers.

George B. Fussell
Founder, CEO and President – SAFCO

Improving the patient experience comes from the ability to customize letters and control letter templates to deliver our best-practices letters on Day 1. There’s flexibility for us to add website URLs or QR codes to letters at the drop of a hat.

Jeff Nieman
CEO – Meduit

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