Elevate Your Communications with Print and Mail Outsourcing Services

You don’t stop at just developing statements or other communications, and neither do we. When you outsource printing and mailing with Nordis, you get best-in-class production and mail services combined with our Expresso software, taking you from development to delivery with a single platform.

Take advantage of state-of-the-art print and mail operations

Just as we’ve invested in creating next-generation CCM software, we’ve built advanced printing and mailing operations, specializing in transactional documents. Quality and efficiency drive our print and mail outsourcing services, operated within our fully redundant and secure facilities. The latest technologies, including high-speed dynamic variable color printers and inserters, together with audited processes and conscientious staff, let you easily scale print and mail volume while personalizing communications.

Nordis printers used for high volume print and mail outsourcing

30 Years of Print and Mail Outsourcing Experience

We put our 30 years of experience and passion for outsourced print production and direct mail to work for you, ensuring we get everything just right—quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Letter Printing and Mailing Services

The Expresso cloud-based customer communications management platform makes it easy to prepare and distribute letters and other communications:

  • Control and automate printing and mailing services.
  • Reduce mail costs.
  • Organize and archive your printed communications.
  • Print and mail checks.

Outbound Print and Mail Services

These custom print and mail outsourcing solutions are designed to fit your needs:

  • Commingle and pre-sort postal optimization and drop shipment logistics
  • Live stamping, tabbing and metering and in-plant load verification
  • Fulfillment and assembly
  • Automated match mailings and flats inserting

Automated Delivery Optimization

Our advanced print and mail processing maximize the distribution of your direct mail communications with following standard and premium services:

  • National Change of Address (NCOA) database for updates to recipient locations
  • Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS™) to correct and match street addresses
  • Delivery Point Validation (DPV) for more precise location identification
  • Address Change Service (ACS™) with reason codes for undeliverable mail and elimination of physical return mail processing*
  • Skip-Tracing to search extensive consumer databases for new addresses*

*Indicates a premium service


Increase control and financial flexibility with print and mail outsourcing

Improve your bottom line

Expand your digital and print services and improve your bottom line by leveraging our industry-leading expertise and state-of-the-art printing technology and mail services.

Flexible print volumes

Move from fixed to variable costs so you can quickly increase or decrease print and mail volume to meet changing business needs.

Optimize processes

Optimize print and mail processes, reduce mail processing time and increase the speed of document delivery through our expert outsourcing services.

Meet growing digital demand

Flex between omnichannel delivery, including First Class mail, Certified Mail®, email and text messaging, to meet growing demand for digital distribution.

Reduce cost

Reduce overall costs of printing and postage while providing paperless options for customers. Our print and mail outsourcing services are a cost-effective solution for your business.

Ensure delivery compliance

Ensure delivery compliance by leveraging automated return and redelivery on alternate channels, plus skip tracing and other advanced services.

Simplify Your Print and Mail Process with Expresso

Our patented customer communications management (CCM) platform, Expresso, makes it easy for you to review, edit, approve and manage documents from start to finish. Included with our print and mail outsourcing services, Expresso saves time and streamlines your workflow.

Infographic demonstrating simplified, streamlined print and mail process with Expresso software.


How to Transform Your Print and Mail Process with CCM Software

Learn how to elevate your print communications in the digital age. Download our white paper to discover how Customer Communications Management (CCM) software makes it faster and easier to develop and customize print documents while providing valuable analytics to help manage your communications. Print and mail is here to stay. See how it can thrive in an omnichannel world.

Transform your print and mail process with ccm software - mailbox with colorful envelopes


Lots of reasons! Whether you’re using our Expresso™ customer communication management platform for document composition, or you provide PDF print-ready files, you’ll save money on materials and labor and free up staff for other priority work with Nordis Print and Mail outsourcing services. With our automated processes, you’ll avoid mailing errors and workflow delays from a short-staffed mailroom which means faster payments. You’ll also benefit from our aggregated volume in the form of postage discounts when leveraging commingle/presort mailing process. And we’ll handle your omnichannel delivery, too, to meet your customers’ preference for print and digital communications.

Other reasons? Reliability and trust. You won’t find a better partner. We’ve been innovative leaders in this industry for more than 30 years, specializing in handling transactional print and mail for highly regulated industries. We’re recognized for fast implementation and outstanding customer service.

Our patented, cloud-based Expresso customer communication management (CCM) platform gives you the control and flexibility to quickly and easily update billing statement content and other communications. You can execute, monitor, and report on your print and mail and electronic delivery packages from the Expresso dashboard, which seamlessly integrates with our state-of-the-art print/mail production facilities. You can automate and manage secure opt-in for electronic delivery from the dashboard, too.

As part of our print and mail outsourcing service, we can print and/or digitally deliver all of your critical, recurring customer communications. Our high-speed color inkjet printers eliminate the expense of pre-printed templates, envelopes, and forms.  Dynamic, variable color helps messaging stand out at the same cost as black-and-white. And you can leverage Expresso to control the mailing package content, including additional pages, flyers, inserts and more.

Studies show customization of communications improves response rates and response times and increases brand loyalty. Variable data printing with our high-speed color inkjet lets you change customer document content – including dynamic messaging, graphics, charts, logos – to customize communications with information that’s relevant to the recipient.

We provide automated/intelligent inserting, inkjet and laser addressing. We automatically run data files through the National Change of Address database (NCOA), CASSTM Certification and Delivery Point Validation (DPV) to identify outdated addresses and improve mail delivery rates. We also offer return mail and automated bulk Certified Mail® services.

Our high-speed, roll-fed printers can be paired with equally fast inserters with technology that includes page barcoding, file-based tracking and camera vision inspection for a system that ensures 100% accuracy, accounting for every page produced for each communication.

We offer clients postage discounts and deep discounts from commingled zip code presort service using digital indexing and sorting tools. Our data hygiene standards ensure further savings with address correction services, including an NCOA scrub and DPV service. We’re also CASS™ certified and run data files through USPS-approved software. CASS stands for Coding Accuracy Support System, and the process ensures you achieve maximum postage discounts.

Every document printed from the Expresso platform is tracked, with real-time status viewable from the Expresso dashboard. If your customers have opted in to receive communications electronically, you can view a digital replica of the mailing. Postal receipts confirm the number of pieces sent, at what rate, when and where, and the tray weight of the mailers. We can also add USPS Intelligent Mail barcoding to statements and letters, allowing our clients to track mailing packages during the mail delivery process.

Our ExpressoCertified® automated Certified Mail process simplifies delivery of sensitive customer documents and confirms proof of receipt. It eliminates USPS green cards, saving time and reducing postage costs. The Certified Return Receipt Electronic Signature process is available, saving more than $1 per letter and enables a digital audit trail and document archive. Records, including proof of delivery and digital signature, are retained within our platform for whatever archive period you define.

Absolutely. You can save on production material, time and postage with our Return Mail Service. We add a barcode and client-specific P.O. box address to each outbound mail piece. Returns come to our return mail processing center, where we capture and scan returned items. We send you an electronic file so you can update your database and reduce undeliverable mail. Then we securely destroy and recycle the mail piece, reducing your risk exposure and improving compliance. Any correspondence mail sent to the P.O. box is preserved and forwarded to the appropriate contacts for follow-up.

You bet. Clients print and mail tens of thousands of customer checks per month with us using Expresso. Our printing technology ensures your checks are printed accurately and securely, with special precautions taken during production for security purposes.

We provide print and mailing management services for highly regulated industries, including healthcare and financial services. Our fully redundant, state-of-the-art facilities in the Eastern and Western U.S. meet our services’ strictest data security, regulatory and compliance requirements: HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 Type 2 certified.


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