Product Showcase: Expresso Handles High-Volume Check Printing and Customer Communications

High volume check printing

Did you know you can just as easily create and issue checks from Expresso™ as you can customer communications? In fact, using Expresso, our clients print and mail tens of thousands of customer checks per month.

Our clients issue checks to customers as refunds, for overpayment of premiums or returned escrow. And while digital payments are growing, 81% of businesses still pay other businesses with paper checks, according to a 2020 PYMTS study.

Expresso check printing essentials

It’s easy to set up check printing in Expresso. Start by customizing our document template for checks. Using your content library and business rules, add fields for signature, memo line, logo, address and so on. Securely upload your data files with Expresso or our APIs the same way you do with other communications. The data is merged as part of the check printing workflow.

Our printing technology ensures your checks are printed accurately. We print checks with magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) ink. At the bottom of a check, the MICR line with bank routing number, account number and check number must be located in a specific position for bank scanning equipment to read. Nordis uses a MICR verifier to assure the placement, volume of MICR ink and line thickness are within specifications.

Security controls and accountability

As in all our work, Nordis has significant processes to ensure security, compliance, processing integrity and availability and privacy for check printing and mailing.

When printing business checks, we use trifold perforated sheets that include numerous security features, including watermarks, heat-sensitive marks, fluorescent fibers, ghost images, holograms, and microprinting to reduce the risk of check fraud. We also use security tinted envelopes that block content from being seen through the envelope.

MICR check stock is stored in a protected location with metal doors and locked cages. Secure logs accurately track how many sheets are removed, how many are returned to inventory and how many are damaged or spoiled.

The print rooms at both Florida and Nevada locations are secured with card access and four cameras at all angles. We limit the number of production staff involved in each job. No cell phones or photography allowed.

For each print run, we record the start and end check numbers for reconciling. Additionally, we add a unique sequenced inventory number to check the total records printed. We add barcodes to mailings to correctly match inserts with checks. Once envelope insertion is complete, we check the run sequence and postage meter to ensure a correct count. Cameras on inserters provide 100% mail piece accountability.

Mailing and tracking

Nordis can apply database hygiene and address standardization protocols to improve the accuracy of your mailing. We also offer return mail service.

Using the Expresso dashboard, you can track and report on the entire process and status down to the check level.

Compliance commitment

Nordis holds SOC 2 Type 2 certification, confirming that a vendor can safely and securely handle data. We’re PCI DSS certified and HIPAA compliant. And we maintain the highest business continuity standards at our hardened, redundant processing facilities.

Why is that important? Customer goodwill is a financial asset, one you do not want to put to the test of late check payments. Many companies also need to abide by contracts and service level agreements that specify payment terms.

If you are issuing more than 1,000 checks per week, get in touch to talk about leveraging Expresso for your high-volume check printing and mailing needs.

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