We make critical customer communications management fast and easy

Getting out the monthly statements shouldn’t take all month. With our cloud-based Expresso® customer communications management application and production services, you can create, produce, change, and distribute print and electronic documents with just a few clicks. Use ExpressoPay to streamline online bill presentment and payments.

Seize the power to speed onboarding, accelerate revenue and streamline operations and compliance. It’s time to take control.

Trade in the family sedan for an Aston Martin: 0 to 60 in 3 seconds

Forget spending weeks or even months working with your print vendor to onboard a new client, make a compliance update, or integrate an acquisition. With Expresso®, our patent pending solution, we put you in the driver’s seat.

Our pace-setting customer communications management application gives you unparalleled power to create, change, and execute electronic and print mailings in just minutes.

From your desktop, you can customize and personalize all of your communications based on customer preferences, brand considerations and other business requirements. It’s easy to review, secure approvals, track documents and produce reports in real-time.

TRUE STORY: How to make a single disclosure change in 38 different letters

Without Expresso:
8 weeks at cost of $10,000

With Expresso:
A few hours of your time, zero cost

Learn how Expresso® can help you scale your business, accelerate cash flow, increase productivity and streamline compliance.

Move to digital payments with our powerful platform

We deliver a single secure application for electronic bill presentment and payments. It’s as robust and easy to use as Expresso®, letting consumers view electronic billing statements and other documents and make payments. You can create a branded payment portal that works with your current merchant processor and accepts payment types that you designate, including credit cards, debit and ACH. Consumers can make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments and payment plans with notifications.

Explore how ExpressoPay®, integrated with Expresso® or on its own, can help you engage customers based on their preferences, increase digital adoption and grow your bottom line.


Large healthcare providers and revenue cycle management companies accelerate onboarding and improve patient financial engagement through advanced statements and payment options with our cloud-based system.

Companies servicing mortgages, leases and other consumer lending use our online solutions to create and deliver documents, plus collect payments, which facilitates compliance, expands secure digital options and enhances customer service.

Vacation ownership companies increase owner engagement, accelerate onboarding of new properties and streamline payments and association voting with our convenient communications and payments solutions.

Governance, Recognition & Associations

We focus on helping clients improve their business and customer communications

Some of the biggest companies in hospitality, healthcare and financial services trust Nordis Technologies to manage communications and payments. We listen and respond to our client’s needs, adding features and functions that strengthen their operations and make them more competitive. Our collaborative and consultative approach helps build strong client relationships that deliver more value.