Simplify Consumer Financial Communications for Better Cash Flow

How consumer finance companies handle billing can make a big difference in whether they get paid. With the Expresso cloud platform for managing consumer financial communications, you can leverage best practices for connecting with customers and reducing payment friction.

Improve performance by reinventing how you prepare and deliver financial communications to your customers

Smoothing the path to payment depends on making interactions simple and convenient. The catch: Consumers have different definitions for what’s easy and fast. That’s why the Expresso customer communication management platform is so critical. It gives consumer finance companies the control and flexibility to offer any combination of print and mail, email and text messaging for critical communications. And you can customize the content of each communication quickly to keep communications flowing.

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ExpressoPay®: Communicate even better: Integrated billing and payments.

Consumer finance firms can simplify billing and payments by managing the entire process on one platform by combining ExpressoPay® with Expresso. With the ExpressoPay electronic bill presentment and payments application, you can:

  • Create branded portals for each brand or client
  • Select ACH, debit/credit cards and a variety of other payment methods
  • Accept IVR/CSR and mobile payments
  • Enable customers to manage accounts online, including setting up payment plans and automating recurring payments

features and benefits

Benefits of Using Expresso for Financial Services

Accelerate revenue

Streamline producing and distributing billing statements and other documents while promoting digital communication options to engage consumers, encourage prompt payments and improve cash flow.

Speed client onboarding

Create new client programs with branded, customized letters, notices and other communications in 24 to 48 hours versus one to two months.

Optimize communications workflow

Tame complexity with one platform for omnichannel communications. Use it to develop, review, approve, change, track, generate reports and archive print/mail, emails and texts.

Simplify compliance

Update disclosures and make other compliance changes in only a few clicks–for all affected consumer financial communications. Create and archive audit trails for content changes made to every document.

Go digital

Meet growing demands for digital and mobile options while maintaining print and mail communications with Expresso software that lets users share content and workflows across communication types and channels.

Improve customer experience

Make it fast, easy and convenient for consumers to get the information they need and to pay by engaging them through their preferred communications channels.


Customer Engagement Cycle

With Expresso, businesses can significantly improve the manner in which they manage their prospect and financial communications for customers. The platform enables non-technical personnel to quickly and efficiently develop personalized document content utilizing a secure, cloud-based portal, manage critical business rules, and review final proofs.

Expresso Financial FAQs

Accelerating cash flow requires timely omnichannel financial communications getting to your customers. Omnichannel customer financial communication with our innovative Expresso™ platform reaches your clients to build trust, improve the customer experience, and support fast payment to improve the bottom line of your financial services business.

The Expresso™ customer financial communication platform makes it easier to change rules and manage consumer expectations. Nordis technology lets companies quickly change documents and delivery channel preferences to adapt to new requirements or payment channels.

A customer financial communication strategy ensures customers have the information they need to make payments and improves customer communication at every process stage.

An effective customer financial communication strategy requires a unified voice across all communication channels. Our ExpressoPay® platform lets customers manage their accounts and make payments across multiple channels from a single branded portal, making it easy to make payments and accelerating your revenue cycle.

A consistent customer communication approach provides value in every customer interaction, which helps companies attract and retain loyal customers. Regular omnichannel communication with customers improves customer satisfaction and allows a company to build loyal customers for increased retention. According to Aberdeen research, customer retention is nearly 3X greater with effective omnichannel engagement.

Our Expresso™ omnichannel communications platform simplifies and automates the entire communication process to increase engagement. Our cloud CCM technology combines digital and print mail distribution for a single, complete customer engagement solution.


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Driving Results with Expresso


Percentage of consumers who believe they should have the right to choose how they receive bills and statements.

*Two Sides North America 2023 Trend Tracker Survey

Percentage of consumers who used some form of digital payment in 2023.

*McKinsey’s 2023 Digital Payments Consumer Survey

Approximate number of communications that Expresso delivers every day.


Increase in communications efficiencies using Expresso.


What Our Clients Have To Say

With its industry-leading technology, print capabilities and customer service focus, Nordis Technologies has worked closely with PennyMac to meet our special printing requirements. Nordis is enabling us to streamline the process for producing and delivering important customer communications.

Kevin Meyers
Chief of Servicing – Performing Loans – PennyMac

Each and every day, we are responsible for producing and mailing thousands of important customer communications for our many property-related clients. Nordis’ industry-leading ExpressoTM CCM technology will automate our workflow for handling and distributing these communications. It also gives us new capabilities and information to customize documents and improve customer experience, including real-time access to archived materials for better customer service and reports with key performance metrics.

Kevin Tang
Executive, Strategic Deals and Vendor Management – CoreLogic

With branches located in 11 states, we needed a centralized way to ensure our content was compliant based on the myriad of applicable state and federal regulations. We now have direct access to edit letter and email copy, and instantly know when our file is processed. Conversely, if an email isn’t opened within three days, the customer gets a letter. A centralized system is a huge win for us.

Trudy Boyles
Chief Marketing Officer. – Heights Finance

We never had this control and agility before Nordis.

Daniel Baggett
Senior Vice President of Compliance and Loan Servicing – SAFCO

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