Reduce Costs and Elevate Productivity with Automated Certified Mailing

Our ExpressoCertified® option automates sending Certified Mail and recording proof of receipt. Simply select Certified Mail® delivery and envelope size in Expresso. It not only saves time but money—each ExpressoCertified® mailing piece costs $1 less than a green card. You use Expresso to compose the documents, or simply send PDF print ready files and the certified content is added during file processing.

Eliminate USPS green cards

Skip the time-consuming and error-prone process of filling out green forms for your U.S. Postal Service Certified Mail. With ExpressoCertified®, our automated certified mailing option, sending sensitive documents and confirming proof of receipt is fast and easy and saves money.

Simply select Certified Mail as the delivery option in our Expresso customer communications management system and choose the Certified Mail envelope size. Our print and mail services take it from there.


Streamline Certified Mail while mitigating compliance risks to deliver cost savings, boost productivity

Save Money

ExpressoCertified leverages the USPS Certified Mail Return Receipt Electronic Processing Option. If you are migrating from traditional green cards, there is a postage reduction of more than $1 per mailing package.

Improve Compliance

Documents that are sent using ExpressoCertified are archived for a defined period, including a record of the Electronic Return Receipt delivery confirmation and signature.

Increase Productivity

Eliminate the labor-intensive process of filling out and storing USPS-required green cards. Delivery confirmation and signatures are stored electronically, so no more paper files needed.

Enhance Accuracy

Automated Certified Mail reduces the chance of handwritten errors while leveraging the document composition and archive capabilities of Expresso.

Track Delivery Progress

Use the Expresso dashboard to confirm proof of mailing, view in-route tracking and see delivery attempts, delivery verification and recipient signature.

key features

Integrates with Expresso, Nordis Print & Mail and US Postal Service®

Expresso automatically assigns appropriate USPS Certified Mail tracking number

Handles all Certified Mail envelope sizes

Captures Electronic Return Receipts including signatures

Real-time access to archived documents including Electronic Return Receipts

Users can generate reports for certified mail data using Expresso’s built-in reporting tool


What Our Clients Have To Say

We have leveraged Expresso’s advanced integration capabilities so patients can securely view their own letters and statements through a self-service patient portal. This has the dual benefit of improved patient satisfaction and cost savings.

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, LLC

Expresso gives us complete access for managing the templates, content and business rules that drive the onboarding and change management process for our hospital clients. By streamlining the workflow, we have more insight into our communication touchpoints, manage our operations more efficiently and can rapidly respond to the unique and changing requirements of our clients.

Fazie Harney
Vice President, Applications Health Care Financial Services – TeamHealth

Because of our accelerated growth, we needed a partner with state-of-the-art capabilities to accommodate high volumes and a wide variety of communications at a rapidly increasing rate. With Nordis Technologies, we can produce and scale timely, customized, branded communications that ensure owners stay up to date on association news, community events and announcements.

Jennifer Jordan
Executive Vice President of Operations – RealManage

Nordis’ technology allows us to upgrade our entire communications process. Not only can we more easily and quickly manage documents from development to delivery for all of our resorts, but Expresso gives us new capabilities and flexibility for producing more creative and customized statement layouts and messages to fit the needs of each resort and cater to owner preferences.

John Willman
Treasurer and Vice President of Mortgage Services – Westgate Resorts

With its industry-leading technology, print capabilities and customer service focus, Nordis Technologies has worked closely with PennyMac to meet our special printing requirements. Nordis is enabling us to streamline the process for producing and delivering important customer communications.

Kevin Meyers
Chief of Servicing – Performing Loans – PennyMac


Certified Mail® FAQs

Certified Mail is a service from the United States Postal Service (USPS) that verifies mail delivery. Organizations use it when they need proof that a document has reached the intended recipient. When proof of delivery with a signature is required, someone at the recipient’s address must sign for the mailing, and that signature receipt is returned to the sender.

Certified Mail currently costs $6.80, plus first-class postage per piece using the traditional green card process.

You’ve probably used it to mail tax returns. In other cases, organizations are required by law or regulation to send certain documents by Certified Mail. They can include bank documents, patient notices and records, past-due and collection letters, tenant notifications, notices to foreclose, insurance policy cancellations, cashier’s checks, and many other critical communications.

You fill out a PS 3800 (return receipt) form and a PS 3811 green card (signature capture) form by hand and attach both to each envelope to be mailed. Then head to the Post Office, pay the first-class postage and Certified Mail fees, mail the letters and collect proof of acceptance for each envelope sent. USPS delivers the letters, obtains the signatures and sends the mailer the receipts with signatures.

Companies must complete this process for dozens, hundreds or even thousands of mail pieces. When the green cards are returned, staff members must organize and file each card. Now repeat this process hundreds or thousands of times per month.

Absolutely. Our ExpressoCertified® application automates the process for sending important documents and confirming proof of receipt, saving time and postage costs while reducing errors. No more green cards or trips to the Post Office.

ExpressoCertified is a delivery option within our cloud-based Expresso™ customer communications management platform. You can use Expresso to compose the documents or send us PDF print-ready files to which the certified content is added during file processing. With just a few clicks, you can manage the entire process, wherever you may be.

ExpressoCertified uses the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) method. By automatically assigning a USPS Certified Mail tracking number, ExpressoCertified enables, captures and archives electronic return receipts, including digital signatures obtained by the mail carrier. Proof of delivery and electronic return receipt are stored with the PDF record of the document and are available online within hours of delivery and can be archived for 10 years. That’s important for compliance considerations.

Plus, ExpressoCertified’s electronic return receipt is considered original, permitting multiple copies. Green cards are only accepted in their original form.

Leveraging our direct USPS integration, users can track an individual Certified Mail piece wherever it is in the process, receive delivery updates and automatic signature notifications to your desktop, and view the status of multiple mailings at once. You also can generate client-specific production reports to track Certified Mail expenses for billing.

The savings are significant. On top of the time and resource savings with ExpressoCertified and Nordis print and mail services, you’ll save more than $1.20 per Certified Mail package using electronic return receipt in place of green cards and leveraging the cloud.

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