Making Medical Bills a Higher Payment Priority for Consumers

Executive Summary

Affordability challenges and changing consumer behavior combined with growing legal and regulatory restrictions are making patient collections more difficult than ever.

With unpaid patient balances growing at an alarming rate, healthcare revenue cycle management firms, providers and collectors need to prioritize digital-first, mobile-optimized and personalized billing to increase consumer payments, according to our new white paper. Adopting more effective strategies and technologies are the key to simplifying and streamlining current patient financial experiences, which are notoriously confusing, fragmented and stressful.

Healthcare leaders explain in the white paper how they are using cloud customer communications management (CCM), HIPAA compliant printing and mailing services and electronic bill presentment and payments (EBPP) systems to deliver customized experiences that make it fast, easy and convenient for patients to receive and pay medical bills.

The white paper offers accounts receivable management firms and providers insights and actions to take including:

  • Issues impacting patient payments
  • Leveraging technology for better CX
  • 5 new CX best practices
  • Implementing new best practices
  • Revving up results

In addition to CX benefits, cloud CCM and EBPP solutions improve productivity and cost efficiency by digitally transforming and automating patient billing and payments operations. Consolidating healthcare printing, email and text communications on one platform lets providers and RCM and collection companies reduce vendors to manage and increase data security. Integrating payments into the communications platform delivers more automation and ease of management. The technologies also streamline document updates to maintain medical billing HIPAA compliance and produce reports for generating greater consumer insight.

Young African American couple paying medical bills