Optimize Your Patient Statements

Medical bills are notorious for being difficult to read and understand. However, what medical companies don’t always realize is that patient-friendly statements aren’t just better for patients, they’re better for business. When statements are clear and informative, patients feel more confident about making their payments. And when payments can be made without a lot of extra back and forth, your patients are happier and your revenue cycle is shorter.

Here are a few tips to optimize your patient statements and keep the money coming in:

#1 Use Simple Language

The average American has a 7th or an 8th grade reading level.  So if you’re using industry jargon or acronyms in your patient statements, you’ll do nothing but cause confusion and increase call center volume. So stick to everyday language — and if you can’t avoid medical terms completely, add an extra section or insert that explains them.

#2 Design for Readability

Patients should be able to understand your statement in seconds. To help patients quickly skim through your document, give each section of your content a heading and add visual cues where it makes sense. Remember: White space is your friend here — use it to organize your content. List every charge, using easy-to-read fonts and put the total amount due in a call-out box so it stands out.

#3 Use Company Branding

Not only does it look professional, it assures your patient that this is not a scam — this is an actual bill coming from your company or practice. A statement that includes your company logo, name and contact info, is less likely to end up in the trash, and more likely to get paid.

#4 Tell Them What To Do Next

To you, it might seem obvious, but to your patients, it might not be.  Even if the process for submitting a payment is simple, you’re going to want to walk them through it, step by step. The extra effort will definitely pay off.

#5 Give Them a Few Payment Options

In fact, give them a few ways to receive their statements, too.  If you offer paperless statements or if you accept payments online, by phone or in person — let your patients know. They’ll appreciate the added flexibility.

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