CEO Viewpoint: Getting Better Every Day

Getty Better Every Day

Our focus in 2023 has been on improving almost every aspect of our business. It’s been a combination of innovation and execution, all with our clients at the center. We want to make it easy for our clients to keep growing with us.

Print and digital growth has been on full display this year. We now have multiple clients that are each producing more than 5 million monthly mailing packages and many more generating 1 million+ monthly.

Our digital volume is also growing, with more than a dozen clients sending hundreds of thousands or millions of emails each month.

Managing growth

As our current clients scale up and we attract more high-volume clients, we stay ahead of the curve with our technology, processes, products and people. This year, behind-the-scenes work has targeted ways to do things better, stronger, faster and more efficiently. We’ve also added or enhanced capabilities that deliver more value to our clients.

2023 highlights include:

  • Under-the-hood Expresso™ improvements, including improving the production job queue and billing report formatting.
  • Premium services such as USPS’ Advanced Correction Service (ACS) for automatically rerouting mail with undeliverable addresses and skip tracing.
  • New cloud hosting provider with greater capacity and capabilities.
  • Extended patent award recognizing more of our Expresso inventions.
  • Additional storage capacity for paper and envelopes to mitigate any future supply chain disruptions.

Nordis’ approach has led to another annual double-digit increase in revenue and entry and/or expansion into new market verticals, including insurance, mortgage servicing and auto finance.