What to Look for in a Customer Communication Management Platform

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Managing your customer communications is often a full-time job — and one that’s vitally important to your business. You need to reach your customer at every stage in the relationship and respond appropriately to their interactions.


When they need help or direction, you need to be there to guide them — providing the highest levels of service at every touchpoint. If that seems like a lot of work, you’re absolutely right.

But it’s the right kind of work — the kind that turns communications into conversations, customers into fans, and interactions into conversions. It’s also the kind of work that gets a whole lot easier with the right communications platform. What exactly do we mean by the “right” platform? Here at Nordis, we’re partial to our own platform, Expresso. We built it from the ground up based on the conversations we’ve had with our own clients. Here are some of the features our fans appreciate the most:

Template-Driven Solutions

Anybody can hire a designer to do a customized layout. But when you’re creating thousands of communications, you don’t have time for one-off communications. You need something that’s structured to meet your goals and that can be customized with just a few clicks. The best communications platforms have this functionality. When you sign up for Expresso by Nordis Technologies, we create a library of templates that have been specifically designed for your communications. All you have to do is add copy, choose your images, apply the right set of business rules, and you’re on your way.

Real-Time Analytics

Today, business moves at breakneck pace. You need to respond in real time or risk getting lost in the shuffle. And a big part of that is having the information you need at your fingertips — so you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t. Then, you can make whatever decision is need at the moment. With Expresso it’s easy to view your results, make changes before your campaign ends, and keep all of your communications up to date.

Print and Electronic Options

Print and electronic communications each have certain advantages. For instance, print is more tangible and believable — and it’s great for reaching certain niche audiences. Others prefer digital because it’s fast, cost-effective and interactive. It moves at the speed of business. This is why it’s so important to have a customer communications platform that gives you print and digital options. This way, you can create a mix of communications and let your customers decide how they’d prefer to communicate with you.

Easy Approvals

When you have an important communication going out, it seems like everyone wants a piece of it — various departments, your supervisor, and of course the entire legal team. Everyone is clamoring to contribute their two cents, even as the deadline looms. The best communication platforms can take on the challenge of multiple approvals with agility and efficiency. Expresso streamlines the proofing process by giving multiple people the ability to securely log in and proof documents, keeping everyone in check. Plus, it helps you get things right the first time, decreasing all of the back and forth that can put a project on lockdown.

Cruise Control

Remember the old saying, “set it and forget it”? The best customer communications platforms have this down to a science. Once you’ve created your first set of recurring emails, bills, brochures, welcome packages, etc., they’re saved in your communications arsenal, ready to be deployed at will. Now you can reschedule them whenever you want. Just log in to Expresso, pull up the communication you want to recreate, make the necessary changes, and approve them to be produced and sent out.

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