Does Email Marketing Work?

The short answer to this question is yes, when it’s done right. Because even as our inboxes become more and more crammed with stuff, relevant marketing messages still make their way to us somehow. But what makes the difference? What makes us open one email over another? What makes us act on the information that’s inside?

There have been countless studies done about this, but really, if you want to start creating emails that work, it all comes down to one thing: personalization.

“It’s About Me, Not You.”

More often than not, emails get opened, not because they have a clever subject line, but because they are deeply relevant to us. They are emails that are based on past behavior, things we’ve purchased in the past, articles we’ve read, actions we’ve taken, interests we’ve shared. We recognize something in that email that’s uniquely us. So we click. And inside, we find more of the same.

“Just Send It to My Phone.”

Desktop, tablet, mobile phone or e-reader — email reaches them all. So in effect, personalization is already built in from the beginning, because you’re reaching customers on the device they prefer. And when it comes to mobile users in particular, there are other advantages as well. For example, emails are free — texts are not. Email also has more real-estate for content, which makes for better marketing pieces.

“Do You Have a Coupon for That?”

A recent Nielsen study stated that 27 percent of U.S. online shoppers subscribe to store or product emails in order to save money. But take note: we don’t just open emails because we’re going to save money, we open them because we subscribed. They are messages we WANTED to receive.

“Wait, Didn’t You Hear Me The First Time?”

What some marketing companies fail to recognize is that email marketing is just one piece of the conversation. It is likely that your customer already interacts with your company in other ways as well. For instance, maybe they’ve visited your website or social site. Maybe they’re even filled out a profile or bought items from your online store. These interactions are just more opportunities to create emails that work. All of the data you capture can be used to create emails that speak to your customer’s unique interests, their location or even the last thing they bought.

So, Does Email Marketing Work?

Yes. When it’s personalized and relevant to your audience. Looking to add more personalization to your company’s next email campaign?  With Expresso by Nordis Direct, you can create impactful, dynamically-driven communications right from the comfort of your desktop.  Find out more or get a quote today.