Product Showcase: Expresso Transforms the User Experience

Overhead view of woman working on her desk with Expresso to Transform the User Experience

Remember the bad old days when it took weeks or months to update a disclosure, change a return address on a billing statement or onboard a new client? With Expresso™, it takes minutes.

While we often focus on Expresso’s benefits for your customers, including greater personalization, choice and convenience in their communications, the impact on improving the quality of employee work life and productivity is equally significant.

Expresso is a versatile and powerful tool that enables customer communications experts to focus on high-value work, such as creating the content and look of a document to trigger the intended call to action and automate and digitize the rest. It allows employees to eliminate manual operations, streamlining and accelerating the entire process of developing, editing, reviewing, approving, tracking, and reporting on customer communications.

With business rules and tables custom-built for your organization, users can deliver the personalized approach customers expect. They can build stronger customer relationships by segmenting communications by demographic or brand as well as customizing messaging and offers. Then they can arrange to deliver these communications based on each customer’s preference for any combination of mail, email or text.


The user advantages shone during the pandemic. Because employees already accessed the Expresso platform in the cloud, it made the work-from-home adjustment fast and easy. It’s just as well-suited for a hybrid workforce as some employees transition back to the office.

Expresso’s self-service capabilities also gave employees the flexibility and control to respond to changing business conditions. They could quickly create COVID-19 messaging on consumer concerns such as extended payment terms, new employee safety protocols and updated guest procedures across multiple brands. Expresso users also could develop communications to reflect each consumer’s billing and mortgage forbearance status and vacation owners’ timeshare commitments and options.

Customer begins with custom

Nordis’ own commitment to our customers’ experience starts the moment we engage in discovery with new clients. We determine their requirements and build their custom solution. We counsel our clients on the front-end to help them understand what can really move the needle in onboarding efficiencies. One big improvement area: Developing templates, coupled with tables and business rules, that work for all their brands and the multiple clients they serve. Most clients end up with a dozen or so templates, down from hundreds or thousands.

For implementation, we train power users – the folks who will use Expresso daily – on ways to maximize the platform for their specific needs. User guides are built into Expresso, and we offer formal training to user teams. We also coach new team members on their organization’s specific Expresso setup.

In addition to training, we provide high-level support all along the way. It starts with “Expresso care” for new clients. The first time the client drops a file, the client success team works with Nordis’ production staff to temporarily pause the system to review the first printed documents to ensure everything looks good before we release it for full production. This hyperfocus gives the output an extra layer of quality control, and we can check that clients are using Expresso correctly and completely.

Key features that enhance employee experience

Some of the most utilized features that are unique to Expresso:

Search and view is used every day by your customer support reps to search for and immediately retrieve emails, texts and printed records and view archived documents such as statements, payment confirmations, and HOA governance materials.

Report writer accesses any data fields to compile custom one-time or scheduled reports. This is a game-changer for some clients. We get emails saying, “My CFO/CIO/boss asked for a daily report on something we’ve NEVER looked at before. With some trial and error and an assist from the Nordis team, we delivered what was needed, plus offered additional data for trend analysis.”

Global impact editor is a major time-saving shortcut and helps ensure accuracy and compliance. It allows users to make and check a universal change to a document or a content level change of a block of copy or image in the content library.

We recently upgraded the Expresso 6.0 dashboard for a better user experience. Clients can individually customize their home screens with the Expresso data they need. They pick whichever reports they want to see, displayed prominently and everything else removable for an uncluttered view.

We’re collecting feedback on additional data you want on the dashboard, and we’ll create those widgets.  Click HERE to let us know what you need to see for your business.

The Expresso development team is working on a single sign-on (SSO) capability that will allow users to log in to Expresso and securely authenticate with a single ID and password and not have to track another set of password information.

We keep employee experience front and center in everything we do. Our goal is to make it even easier to use, give them the capabilities they need and help ensure they get the most from Expresso.

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