Investing in Now and the Future

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I have something of a split personality, or at least, a split mindset: As CEO, it’s my job to think about what’s next for Nordis and our clients, but I’m also working on getting better at living in the moment. These days, I am enjoying being fully present at our Nordis headquarters in Coral Springs, Florida, where we’ve completed a major expansion and renovation after months of planning and work.

The larger space was necessary to accommodate our growth as well as the addition of two high-speed color inkjet printers. We added 4,000 square feet in office space and reconfigured the production area for these new printers, which represent a substantial investment in our future and in yours.

The new Ricoh color continuous feed printers are fully operational and a sight to behold in action! They are roll-to-cut machines with dynamic inline perforating and dual engines for duplex printing. With a printing speed of up to 420 feet per minute, our largest 80-foot-long machine prints in color or black-and-white on one side before the paper goes through a figure-eight configuration to print on the back page. The benefits to our clients include the ability to produce dynamic color communications and move away from pre-printed shells.

Tech + lettershop

As a tech company with roots in lettershop, our facility upgrade wasn’t limited to production. We more than doubled our office space, to more than 14,000 square feet, and now occupy both floors of our building.

Our investments go beyond physical improvements, as important as those are. To ensure we provide you with the best products and services, we’ve been adding programmers and client service professionals. We’ve also recruited and promoted more executives at the director level who are providing vital expertise and helping us scale the business. In fact, you can read about three of them in a recent press release in the Nordis News section of this newsletter.

We are very proud of our freshly renovated headquarters, full of our talented and growing team and state-of-the-art equipment. Come visit soon in Coral Springs!