Meet Our Team: Being Vigilant for Our Clients

Meet our team - Jennifer Barcelo and Brian Solomon

Jennifer Barcelo

Before joining Nordis, I was a business analyst, working for a commodity company for 10 years. My area of expertise is analyzing systems and data. I joined Nordis as a solutions consultant. About a year ago, I was promoted to Director of Solutions Success.

I mostly work with new Nordis clients by assisting with their onboarding process. This includes a detailed review of their existing communications and data and working with them to optimize their set-up in Expresso. I work hands on with the client during this discovery phase, and prepare the program requirements document (PRD), which is a blueprint used by our team to configure their program. My role then extends to providing training and helping them through testing all the way through their go live date. My role during the implementation phase is to ensure that questions from our team are answered, and if I need to go back to the client to clarify, I do. Then when I’m provided samples, I review and compare them to the samples the client provided. I also test the program to make sure everything works as expected. If there is any glitch along the way, I take care of it.

With my analytical background, I am suited for this work. We need to figure out exactly what the client needs whether it’s mail or digital. Determining their needs can be like working on a puzzle, putting all the parts together to get the configuration complete.

That means asking lots of questions, especially at the beginning. The process may seem a bit repetitive at first. I tell clients to bear with me because we want to make sure everything is covered. We also try to make sure that our clients are comfortable asking questions themselves. We like to work with clients as partners. We always try to put ourselves in their shoes.

When I am not working, I am spending time with my husband and son, who is eight years old. We do a lot of camping in an RV – well for us –  it’s more like glamping! We also enjoy riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Brian Solomon

I’ve been in the print/mail industry for 25 years now. I began in telemarketing and advertising where I designed mail programs, managed printing and purchased equipment. With Nordis, I moved to managing transactional mail programs. Here at Nordis, that includes statements, tax and mortgage documents, collection notices and even checks.

I started my career with Nordis in the Florida facility. I served as Director of Production for three years, then moved to the West Coast operations, located in Las Vegas.

Here in Las Vegas, our building operates as a second fulfillment facility and as our primary disaster recovery center.  We’re currently fulfilling hundreds of thousands of mailing packages per week. As the company grows, we are getting additional responsibilities.  So, yes, the idea that print is dead is simply not true. A number of industries, particularly in the medical field, still need to mail critical documents.

Since this production site is smaller than the one in Florida, I can take a very hands-on approach, and you’ll mostly see me on the production floor. I’m responsible for everything that happens here. We’re the processor of critical documents, and we have strict quality control policies that protect us and our customers. I report to Mike Rosini, VP of Operations. He and I have a combination of more than 35 years of experience in print/mail production!

Every morning, Mike and I and our teams in both locations meet over video online to review the day’s operations and discuss what to expect for the day. It’s a very fast-paced business with short turnarounds. Each day is challenging, but I enjoy it.

In my spare time, my main leisure activity is off-roading and Overlanding, which is adventure travel in the canyons and wilderness. Nevada is much more than casinos and shows. There is a huge off-roading community here and with Utah, Arizona and California in my backyard, there is plenty of adventuring to be done.

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