Meet Our Team: Paying Attention to Details to Ensure Service Excellence

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Meet our team: Leana Maharaj and Mike Rosini

Meet team members Leana Maharaj, Director of Accounting, and Mike Rosini, Vice President of Operations.

Leana Maharaj, Director of Accounting

After a dozen years at a huge public accounting firm and a global corporation, Leana was drawn to the opportunity to build out the accounting function at Nordis, growing it with the company. Like many Nordis clients, Leana focuses on revenue cycle management, handling billing and cashflow as well as accounts receivable, postage management and audits.

One nuance of working for a company involved in print and mail services took a little getting used to. Postage management is part of Leana’s role, and postage is figured in pennies and expressed in decimal dollars, rounded three digits to the right of the decimal, as in $0.162. Leana was accustomed to rounding numbers up, by the thousand.

Attention to detail is Leana’s biggest strength, though. A 10-key adding machine and calculator are essential, and she says she and her team live and breathe in Excel, so no number will go unaccounted for.

Leana jokes about being in front of a screen all day but actually spends much of her time helping colleagues. She particularly appreciates direct access and interactions with CEO Ronnie Selinger. “Being able to approach the company’s visionary with a question or an idea is extraordinary,” Leana says. “He makes himself available to everyone, as do other executives and management. That’s uncommon in business and is so valuable.”

Since joining Nordis in 2019, Leana has had hectic days (and some nights and weekends). She says her husband has an equally demanding schedule, so they love to relax through travel. They take a few weekend trips each year and are planning a memorable vacation around Leana’s birthday in October.

Mike Rosini, Vice President of Operations  

Mike Rosini was looking for a new challenge, and with his experience in client service, print production and mailing operations, he thought Nordis would be a great fit. So he sent his resume to Ronnie. Weekly. For three months. Persistence paid off, and when they met, Ronnie said Nordis had been waiting for a person like Mike and asked what took him so long to get here.

That was 14 years ago, and Mike’s responsibilities grew with the company. Mike directs Expresso’s™ production side, an area clients don’t often see because it’s not about creating their documents: It’s the output and distribution. All day long, jobs drop into the production queue — a file for 1,500 or 50,000 or 100,000 pieces — and each piece is a critical document for a specific individual. With millions of sheets of paper and envelopes in play, you can be certain of the level of security and the number of QC processes Mike’s team has in place to ensure documents move safely and seamlessly from printing to mailing services.

He says contrary to many people’s beliefs, transactional mail is not dying. In fact, it’s growing immensely—at least at Nordis, as it continues to add clients and clients increase their volumes.

Back when he started at Nordis, the company had four laser printers, two high-speed inserters, and a couple of swingarm label applicators. Now there are nine high-speed inserters, 10 cut sheet printers and two multimillion-dollar high-speed continuous printers. And that’s just in Coral Springs. The facility in Las Vegas has an equally impressive lineup.

Mike says one thing he loves about Nordis is the company’s focus on employees: “It takes every one of us to get the job done for clients, and we want to make sure every employee knows they’re appreciated.”

Mike and his wife Stacey have two sons, ages 17 and 10. Travel baseball is a big part of family life right now, but Mike likes to travel a bit farther and take ski vacations with the home team.

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