Meet Our Team: Product and Service Excellence Gets Down to the Details

Product and Service Excellence

Julie Troum, Director of Product Solutions and Standards

Expresso’s origin is somewhat legendary at Nordis, and I’m lucky enough to have been one of the few in the room where it happened back in 2005. That’s partly because it was my client that wished for a software solution that didn’t exist. Ronnie said, “Let’s do this and more,” and we created something that could benefit all our clients.

I moved into the roles of Installation Manager, Expresso Implementation Director and now Director of Product Solutions and Standards, although people say my title could be “Expresso Navigation Officer.” I know how all the functionality works and where it resides, not just because I have an analytical mind but because I’ve been here so long, I’m probably the one that requested the feature in the first place!

My work is mainly product-focused. We’re continually enhancing Expresso to make things easy and automated so clients can do whatever they need to do themselves, almost like a one-stop shop.

Testing is part of my role, and I work with QA and our developers on change requests, re-engineering and devising new ways of tackling something.

Our Expresso clients who are super users make my job fun. An RCM client will call and say, “Hey, is there a way for me to do such and such myself? I want to know the way.” A hospitality client sometimes calls with an idea for something not entirely standard, and together we collaborate on a novel solution. It’s great to have those trusting relationships, all geared toward making Expresso precisely what clients need.

Away from work, I’m a bit of a homebody. I’m a big streamer, and now and then might spend a weekend bingeing shows I’ve missed, catching up on new releases or checking out past Oscar-winning movies.

I love my job, but if I weren’t with Nordis, I’d work for the FBI. Seriously, that was my original career path. I’ve always enjoyed behavioral science, and actually, it fits my role in supporting clients through Expresso’s development — gathering information, looking for patterns, evaluating a situation to help solve something. “The Case of the Missing Data Field.” I’d watch that flick. Pass the popcorn.

Laura Shtrax, Director of Enterprise Client Success

I’ve always been a process person. In my role, I watch for inefficiencies, tweak for improvements, and see if we can replicate something that’s working extremely well for one client to benefit others.

A few years ago, not long after joining Nordis, I onboarded a massively complex account with a million moving parts. We found that, in the end, what made everything work was giving the client structure. It was the rules and governance. The check-ins. The communication.

This has been our approach to the Enterprise service model. By taking prescribed and agreed-upon approaches to everything from meetings to metrics, we collaborate with our clients to tame the unwieldy nature of complex data challenges. Both sides have roles and responsibilities. With our process, we can offer a higher level of service.

Our Client Success team is always growing, with new-to-Nordis employees coming on and tenured employees moving into and out of the group as their careers flow. Nordis asks people, “What can you do? What do you WANT to do?” Having an employer receptive to new ideas and invested in your success is liberating.

To help support our knowledge base in our constantly changing environment, a current initiative is creating a Client Success Manager playbook to accelerate learning, capture practices and detail our sophisticated products. We are also developing CSM teams to help with cross-training and backup if a team member is sick or on vacation, so that another CSM can step in and support any client. Everyone has chipped in and embraced it. It’s been such a positive experience.

At home, we’re almost empty nesters. Our son is at Texas A&M, and our daughter is a high school junior. My husband Dave and I recently started camping sans kids. I don’t look like a camping person — I was born and raised on Long Island, I like to wear nice shoes — you get it. But we’re doing old-school camping in a tent and enjoying nature, and I’m hooked. We have a spring trip to Montreal planned, but we’re not roughing it (as far as I know). I’m open to camping ideas, though. Where should we go next?

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