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Introducing ExpressoCertified

It’s time to eliminate handwritten forms and other costly and manual steps when sending USPS Certified Mail. Nordis has tamed and accelerated this process with ExpressoCertified, its newest capability that lets you automate and streamline USPS Certified Mail production and delivery while leveraging Expresso’s core customer communications management functionality.

In addition to USPS First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail, Expresso can now be configured to prepare and send documents via USPS Certified Mail delivery with just a few clicks. When doing so, Expresso integrates with the USPS so you can track delivery and view, print and archive the Electronic Return Receipt including signature. Expresso ensures compliance with USPS mail requirements.

As fast and easy to use as all of the other Expresso products, ExpressoCertified improves productivity, compliance and accuracy.

Key benefits

  • Simplifies document composition/management using Expresso core functionality while automating the USPS Certified Mail process.
  • Potential postage cost savings if migrating from Return Receipt Mail (green cards) to Return Receipt Electronic.
  • Accommodates multiple envelope sizes.
  • Combines creation and choice of delivery for First Class and Certified customer correspondence on a single platform.
  • Provides integrated Certified Mail tracking and history from within the Expresso platform.
  • Documents sent via ExpressoCertified are now part of Expresso’s existing archive functionality and are preserved and retrievable for a defined period of time.
  • Integrated into Expresso and Nordis production services for ease of use and complete, single-source solution.

We’ll be issuing a press release soon about this latest product. In the meantime, please contact us at for more information.