The Corporate Future Belongs to Customer Communications and Payments

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Nordis Technologies’ customer newsletter. In my 25+ years in the business, I can’t think of a more exciting or promising time in customer communications and payments.

It’s no longer enough for companies to be customer-focused: The new strategic imperative is optimizing the customer experience. And whether it’s patients in healthcare, owners in hospitality or consumers in financial services, companies are increasingly acknowledging the central role that customer communications can and should play in building and retaining these critical relationships that drive reputation, market share, revenue and profits.


An engaging customer experience calls for a much broader set of communications and payment options and capabilities than companies have traditionally employed. For one, engagement requires a two-way dialogue, so communications channels need to be able to receive and respond as well as send.


Positive customer experience also means omni-channel, so people can interact, from obtaining bills to accessing account information to making payments, using the methods they prefer. It’s also personalized, leveraging data and customer preferences to do much more than simply placing the customer’s name at the top of a form letter or generic marketing offer.


Raising your game to deliver the kind of experience and thus engagement that customers are coming to demand will take time, effort and imagination. We want to help you succeed. This newsletter, plus our blog and other thought leadership pieces, is aimed at helping you understand key trends and how our technology solutions and services can help you get there.


What do you think the biggest challenge or opportunity in customer communications management and payments is today?

I’d love to hear from you.