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Accelerate debt recovery and new client onboarding
with faster, easier debt collection letters and communications management

Improve performance by reinventing how you prepare and deliver debt collection letters and related communications

• Debt Collection Letters (first and third party)
• Adverse Action • Balance Due • Paid in Full • Legal Notices •
• Compliance Communications •

For first and third party collections, successful debt recovery pivots on an increasingly complicated, time-intensive and painstaking communications process: Developing and delivering accurate and timely debt collection letters, statements, notifications, and other financial communications to thousands of consumers.

You can completely revitalize your process with Expresso our customer communications management platform for credit and collections companies. Simplify, automate and accelerate how you handle debt collection letters and communications to improve cash flow, customer service and compliance.

Our powerful, self-serve Expresso™ customer communications management software removes bottlenecks and pain points for credit and collections services companies. Connect to our secure, cloud-based application from your desktop to manage the entire cycle of creating, changing, reviewing, approving, distributing, tracking and reporting on both digital and paper financial communications. Coupling Expresso with our Print and Mail Services ensures a seamless end-to-end solution.

That’s right. You control it all from your keyboard.

With Expresso, you develop your own content library and document templates. Then dynamically merge text, images, and logos to create personalized statements, debt collection letters and other materials. Our sophisticated rules engine also streamlines disclosures: When you revise this content in one location in your content library, it automatically updates other affected documents.

With Expresso for credit and collections services, you can:

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Accelerate debt collections

Quickly produce and distribute debt collection letters, balance due and other credit and collections communications, helping ensure timely payments. People who opt for digital communications also tend to pay promptly, eliminating the lag time in receiving mailed payments and thus improving cash flow.

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Speed client onboarding

Create branded, customized communications from existing templates using business rules in just days instead of months, bringing new clients on board quickly and seamlessly.

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Optimize document workflow

Communications that took weeks to finalize now only take minutes. Manage the whole process with complete visibility at every step, from creation through inbox delivery.

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Simplify compliance

Expresso meets regulatory and legal requirements governing debt collection letters and communications. With only a few clicks disclosures and other documents can be made compliant. In addition, an audit trail for content changes made to every letter, notice, and statement is recorded and archived.

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Go digital

Easily move your business online and with mobile devices by offering digital options to your clients and their consumers. Expresso for digital communications improves the customer experience without large investments in developing these capabilities on your own.

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Improve customer experience

Connect how your customers prefer. With Expresso, adding opt-ins for electronic delivery to paper communications is easy and integrated. Our cloud-based platform makes it easy for customer service professionals to quickly access consumer records and review live or resend if requested.

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