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Move from onerous to outperform with Expresso® customer communications management

If managing critical communications is a major headache, you need  Expresso®. Our one-of-a-kind cloud-based customer communications management platform can reinvent your work life and company by giving you complete control over preparing, modifying and distributing electronic and mailed billing statements, compliance letters, confirmations, newsletters, marketing pieces and other customer documents.

We’re talking groundbreaking change, not incremental gain.

With Expresso®, go from weeks or months for creating documents to just minutes. No more painful back-and-forth with your print or email vendor either: Next-generation technology platform integrates seamlessly with our print and mail services to let you automate and manage every step from your desktop, reaching customers and prospects more effectively to drive revenue.

You won’t find anything better in the marketplace.  That’s why some of the leading companies in hospitality, financial services and healthcare rely on Expresso® and our end-to-end solution for their critical customer communications.

Expresso is such an integrated part of our business I can’t picture us without it.”

– Frank Morrisroe, President, Equiant Financial Services Inc.

Easy does it

With our advanced Expresso® patent pending application, you can populate your own content library with text, logos, images and more. Develop document templates for all of your communication programs, enhancing control of your brand identity. Upload a single data file and dynamically merge all the elements to customize and personalize each letter or email, welcome kit, statement or marketing piece.

That’s just the start. Use Expresso® to review documents, secure sign-offs, make disclosure changes, track distribution, generate reports and create audit trails. You also can automate and manage secure opt-in for electronic delivery and return mail processing.

Expresso® seamlessly integrates with Nordis Technologies’ state-of-the-art production facilities, making it easy to execute all your email and print/mail delivery programs. This end-to-end solution makes it simple to view and manage the entire process from your Expresso dashboard.

Expresso® offers additional solutions that allow you to drive more value for your company, your customers and their customers:

With ExpressoPay, you can provide electronic bill presentment and collect digital payments via credit, debit, and ACH, all from your own branded payment portal while keeping your existing merchant relationships intact.

ExpressoCertified makes sending sensitive documents and confirming proof of receipt via Certified Mail, fast and easy, plus saves money. Simply select Certified Mail as the delivery option in our Expresso customer communications management system and choose the Certified Mail envelope size. Our print and mail services take from there.

ExpressoVote allows vacation ownership and property management companies to manage the entire annual election process for homeowner associations, including mailed and digital notifications, online and paper ballot voting, multi-channel tabulation and third-party certification.

ExpressoWallet leverages smartphone wallet applications to deliver interactive billing statements that include real-time account balances and convenient tap to pay functionality, or virtual membership/loyalty cards that include point balance, status and access to benefits. These high-tech solutions improve the customer experience while accelerating payments to billers.

Eliminate your communications delays and reap rich rewards with Expresso®

Improve compliance

Our sophisticated rules engine means compliance updates take just a few clicks.  By making one change in the disclosure library, Expresso® automatically adjusts affected correspondence.

Save money

There’s no need to pay vendors for updates you can now make for free. And lower operating costs by converting more customers to digital communications.

Gain visibility and control

From Expresso’s easy-to-navigate dashboard, authorized users can handle every communications step with ease and confidence, adjusting quickly to changing business requirements and conditions.

Reduce operational complexity

Even as the number of your clients and their consumers, brands and other variability grows, Expresso® keeps the process simple yet customized, removing risk with superior version control and automated workflows.

Keep current with digital options

Expresso® makes it easy to offer consumers, patients and owners their choice in how they receive communications, enhancing their satisfaction. ExpressoPay adds even more value to customers with electronic bill presentment and online payment processing.

Consolidate on a single platform

Combining Expresso® with ExpressoPay® and other services like print/mail increases your customer offerings, enhances service, and simplifies vendor management and coordination.

Speed customer onboarding

Revenue cycle and loan servicing companies use Expresso® to quickly design and issue customized welcome kits, patient statements, consumer lending documents and other communications for new customers, shaving weeks or months from the typical ramp-up.

Strengthen customer service

Expresso® means faster execution, plus the ability to give customers greater insight into their operations, from generating reports in real-time and creating audit trails to processing returned mail and emails and updating distribution lists.

Leverage secure, industry-leading tech

With our secure cloud-based system, you can take advantage of the latest communications management features and capabilities without investing in your own technology.

Key features

Cloud-based Platform

Scalable with 24/7/365 access

Powerful User Tools

You create and manage content, documents, business rules, and more

Online Dashboard

Complete visibility with automated and ad hoc reporting

Secure Opt-In/Out

Electronic delivery and notifications, viewing bills online, by phone, IVR and mobile


Sophisticated branded portal for ePresentment and online bill pay

Advanced Integration

Multiple data file formats and production requirements streamlined into one automated workflow

Intelligent File Processing

Incoming batch file processing and automated return file results to client or designated third parties

Online Archive

Data and images available 24/7 for authorized users and customers

Secure Production Facilities

SOC2 certified, HIPAA compliant

Optimized Expresso® solutions for specific industries

Large healthcare providers and revenue cycle management companies accelerate onboarding and improve patient financial engagement through advanced statements and payment options with our cloud-based system.

Companies servicing mortgages, leases and other consumer lending use our online solutions to create and deliver documents, plus collect payments, which facilitates compliance, expands secure digital options and enhances customer service.

Vacation ownership companies increase owner engagement, accelerate onboarding of new properties and streamline payments and association voting with our convenient communications and payments solutions.

What our clients have to say

End-to-end communication solutions

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