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Accelerate cash flow and new client onboarding
with faster, easier customer communications management

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Improve performance by reinventing how you prepare and deliver financial customer communications

For auto lenders, mortgage loan servicers, collections companies and other financing firms, receiving payments pivots on an increasingly complicated, time-intensive and painstaking billing process: Developing and delivering accurate and timely statements, notifications, letters and other financial communications to thousands or millions of consumers.

You can completely revitalize your process with ExpressoFinancial® our patent-pending customer communications management platform for financial services. Simplify, automate and accelerate how you handle transactional communications to improve cash flow, customer service and compliance.

Our powerful, self-serve Expresso® customer communications management software removes bottlenecks and pain points for financial services companies. Connect to our secure, cloud-based application from your desktop to manage the entire cycle of

creating, changing, reviewing, approving, distributing, tracking and reporting on both digital and paper financial invoices and financial communications. Coupling Expresso with our Print and Mail Services ensures a seamless end-to-end solution.

That’s right. You control it all from your keyboard.

With Expresso, you develop your own content library and document templates. Then dynamically merge text, images, and logos to create personalized statements, verifications of payment and other materials. Our sophisticated rules engine also streamlines disclosures: When you revise this content in one location in your content library, it automatically updates other affected documents.

• Welcome Letters • Billing Statements • Late Notices • Collection Letters (first and third party) • Foreclosure Communications •
• Adverse Action Letters • Servicing Letters • Refund Checks • Escrow Analysis • Year-end Processing • 1099 Statements •
• Compliance Communications • Payment Confirmations •

Governance & Association Memberships

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digital payment using ExpressoPay
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What’s even better: Integrated billing and payments.

Consolidate the entire billing and payments process on a single dashboard and drive improved results and customer experience by combining ExpressoPay® with Expresso. You can send bills and payment reminders, including text-to-pay or emails with payment links.

With ExpressoPay, you can add valuable digital and self-service consumer options with electronic bill presentment and payments. Create a branded payment portal with our PCI-compliant application, enabling customers to make biller-direct payments online from mobile devices and through IVR/CSR.

You can authorize a variety of payment solutions including credit and debit card, ACH, ApplePay, and PayPal. You also can choose to let consumers make one-time payments and set up recurring payments or payment plans with notifications.

On its own or integrated with Expresso, ExpressoPay is a powerful platform that is fast and easy to integrate into virtually any environment.

With Expresso for financial services,
you can:

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Accelerate revenue

Quickly produce and distribute bills, invoices and other communications, helping ensure timely payments. People who opt for digital statements also tend to pay promptly, eliminating the lag time in receiving mailed payments and thus improving cash flow.

Speed client onboarding

Create branded, customized communications in just days instead of months, bringing new clients on board quickly and seamlessly.

Optimize communications workflow

Documents that took weeks to finalize now only take minutes. Manage the whole process with complete visibility at every step, from creation through delivery.

Simplify compliance

Our patent-pending application makes it easy to meet regulatory and legal requirements governing financial communications. It takes a few clicks to update disclosures and make other documents compliant. The system also creates an audit trail for content changes made to every letter, notice, statement and bill.

Go digital

As more people conduct business online and with mobile devices, it is increasingly important to offer digital options to your customers and their consumers. Using Expresso for digital communications saves time and money without requiring investments in developing these capabilities on your own.

Improve customer experience

Connect in the ways your customers prefer. With Expresso, you can add opt-ins for electronic delivery to paper communications. Our system also makes it easy for customer service representatives to quickly access consumer documents and review them on a call or resend if requested.

Customer Engagement Cycle

With Expresso, businesses can significantly improve the manner in which they manage their prospect and financial customer communications. The platform enables non-technical personnel to quickly and efficiently develop personalized document content utilizing a secure, cloud-based portal, manage critical business rules, and review final proofs.

Equiant gains competitive edge while reducing printing costs 30% a year

Beyond the advanced technologies Nordis continues to develop, the company is dedicated to building client relationships on a solid foundation of integrity, trust, communications and commitment, says Equiant President Frank A. Morrisroe.

The Expresso platform “makes delivering the best product possible,” says Equiant President Frank Morrisroe. “It’s become a very critical part of what we offer to clients.”


Producing and issuing time-sensitive maintenance fee and loan statements and other financial communications for multiple clients was a cumbersome, people-intensive process for Equiant Financial Services. As a receivables servicer to lenders and vacation ownership developers that also handles homeowner association billing, merchant processing and portfolio management, Equiant often received last-minute information or document changes from clients, challenging the company to meet tight deadlines. Developing and transferring multiple documents between its systems and its print vendor was so complicated that Equiant dedicated several IT programmers to just managing that process.


Seeking a state-of- the-art solution that easily integrated into its own platform, Equiant selected Nordis Technologies in 2006. Nordis’s Expresso customer communications management software gave Equiant the ability to free up resources in IT to focus on strategic development initiatives while transferring the creation and management of documents to Equiant’s client relations department. Managers use the cloud-based Expresso system to electronically review and sign off on final proofs and to access a digital archive of statements. Equiant also has leveraged Expresso to migrate growing numbers of consumers from paper to electronic mailings.


  • Quick turnaround on bills, invoices and statements has improved cash flow for Equiant and its clients.
  • Expresso has made it possible to handle more customers, be more responsive and offer new services such as digital communications.
  • Digital consumers tend to pay faster, bringing in revenue sooner.
  • By combining Expresso with Nordis’ print and mail solutions, Equiant has lowered printing costs by 30% a year while also reducing postal costs.