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Make Vacation Ownership Communications a Snap

If your current process for building and distributing vacation ownership welcome kits, loan statements, maintenance fee notices and newsletters requires layers of review, changes and proofing involving multiple parties in different locations and time zones, taking weeks or months, it’s time to move to Expresso®.

Built to meet the unique needs of the vacation ownership industry, Expresso®, our patent pending solution, greatly simplifies the tedious task of creating timely property owner communications. Expresso seamlessly integrates with Nordis' Print & Mail services for a turnkey solution that lets you manage the process from document creation to delivery from your desktop.

Whether it’s vacation confirmations, pre-arrival packages, annual meeting notices, loan and maintenance fee statements, or sales and marketing communications, Expresso® offers both mailed and electronic delivery, giving vacation property owners more options and increasing digital engagement, which saves print and postage costs.

Some of the largest companies in vacation ownership trust Nordis Technologies to help optimize and manage their owner communications, elections and payments.

Using our web-based solution, your authorized team members control all documents to create customized mail or email files.  This self-service system makes it easy to make updates in real-time and keep brands and communications consistent. Point and click to move seamlessly among customized online templates to dynamically merge data, text and images including logos. 


Download Whitepaper: From Lead to Loyalty

Governance, Recognition & Associations


With Expresso for vacation ownership, you can:


Improve visibility and
communications workflow

Creating documents that took many hours or days now takes just minutes with fewer hands.  You’re in control of your communications from creation through delivery.


Speed customer onboarding

This scalable engagement platform lets you quickly create communications to welcome new homeowners and expand to new resorts.


Convert customers to digital communications 

Our versatile system makes it easy to offer secure digital options to homeowners, increasing their satisfaction while reducing print and postage costs.


Simplify compliance changes

Because of Expresso’s powerful dynamic rules engine, you simply need to make a compliance update in the content library and it will automatically identify and change all affected documents.


Standardize communications
to control branding

Create the complete solution for HOA communications, payments and elections with Expresso®. Our easy-to-use applications, accessed via a web browser, let you easily coordinate HOA outreach, improving productivity, efficiency and member satisfaction.


Integrate processes to improve operations 

With a single platform handling communications, you can readily create and enforce consistent brand standards and legally compliant messages so all documents contain the agreed-upon look, feel and content.

Owner Engagement Cycle

With Expresso®, businesses can significantly improve the manner in which they manage their prospect and customer communications. The platform enables non-technical personnel to quickly and efficiently develop personalized document content utilizing a secure, cloud-based portal, manage critical business rules, and review final proofs.

Client Data File
Client data file statement/letter file sent via SFTP
Statements, letters and secure emails created.
Mailing package or secure email notification sent to owner
Expresso Pay
One-time payment, enrollment, set-up recurring payment, secure opt-In.
Payment Processing
Owner pays using ACH, credit, or debit via mail, IVR, or secure online options
A/R file automatically uploaded to client and/or third parties via SFTP



“Expresso dramatically improved our ability to efficiently and effectively reach our owners. Expresso has enabled us to make changes to our statement package templates in real time and process the file the same day. Without Expresso, reaching our owners would take much more time and money. “

Bradley Holtel
VP of Operations, Financial Services

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