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Simplify and Automate Vacation Owner Communications

If your current process for developing, updating and distributing everything from pre-arrival packages and vacation confirmations to maintenance fee statements, election ballots and marketing materials:

  • requires layers of review, changes and proofing
  • involves multiple internal and external parties in different locations and time zones
  • takes weeks or months
  • lacks email, SMS/text, mobile wallet and other digital options

it’s time to move to Expresso™.

Using our self-service Expresso customer communication management system, you gain complete control for developing critical transactional communications, HOA materials and more. Expresso lets you personalize content, making it easy to automate custom communications that adhere to the policies, governance rules, branding requirements and other specifications for each homeowner association, resort and timeshare management company.

Many of the largest vacation ownership companies trust Nordis Technologies to help optimize and their owner communications, elections and payments.

You also can designate omnichannel distribution, including email, mail and text, that caters to owner preferences. Expresso seamlessly integrates with Nordis’ digital production and print and mail services for a turnkey solution that lets you manage the process from document creation to omnichannel delivery from your keyboard.

• Mortgage Statements • Maintenance Fee Statements • Special Assessments • 1099 Statements • HOA Governance Communications •
• Annual Meeting Notices • Proxy/Ballot Packages • Foreclosure Communications • Collection Letters (first and third party) •
• Vacation Confirmations • Reservation Reminders • Marketing Communications •

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Add ExpressoVote to administer HOA elections quickly and easily. Using this enhancement to the Expresso platform, you can manage the entire season of of election communications and voting:

  • Create and distribute digital and print communications including calls for board candidates, annual meeting notices, ballots and election news and results.
  • Customize and automate the process and materials to meet requirements of each HOA, including weighting.
  • Offer and tabulate mailed ballots, in-person and online voting as well as mailed proxies, in-person and online proxy voting, helping ensure quorum is met.
  • Provide real-time reporting and third-party election certification.
Vacation Ownership Communications Management

Expresso for vacation owner communications management:

Improves visibility and communications workflow

Creating documents that took many hours or days now takes just minutes with fewer hands. You’re in control of your vacation owner communications from creation through delivery.

Speeds customer

This scalable engagement platform lets you quickly create communications to welcome new owners and expand to new resorts.

Converts customers to digital communications

Our versatile system makes it easy to offer secure digital options to owners, increasing their satisfaction while reducing print and postage costs.

Simplifies compliance

Because of Expresso’s powerful dynamic rules engine, you simply need to make a compliance update in the content library and it will automatically identify and change all affected documents.

Standardizes communications to control branding

With a single platform handling communications, you can readily create and enforce consistent brand standards and legally compliant messages so all documents contain the agreed-upon look, feel and content.

Integrates processes to improve operations

Create the complete solution for vacation owner communications, payments and elections with Expresso®. Our easy-to-use applications, accessed via a web browser, let you easily coordinate HOA outreach, improving productivity, efficiency and member satisfaction.

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Owner Engagement Cycle

With Expresso®, businesses can significantly improve the manner in which they manage their vacation owner communications. The platform enables non-technical personnel to quickly and efficiently develop personalized document content utilizing a secure, cloud-based portal, manage critical business rules, and review final proofs.


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