Case Study:
Sutherland Healthcare Reduces Costs and Increases Efficiency for Patient Financial Communications

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“The previous process was so complicated that only our IT department could produce the files for patient statements. With Expresso, there’s no need for IT involvement, so we we can allocate those resources to other critical areas of the business.”

Jaison Harada
Assistant Vice President, Sutherland Healthcare Solutions

  • Client Since 2016
  • Expresso, Print & Mail
  • 75,000+ Statements/Letters Processed Monthly

The Challenge

The frustration was building at Sutherland Healthcare Solutions: It faced a time-consuming and costly process for developing and issuing patient statements and communications, especially for new client accounts, in large part due to a print vendor unwilling to change its ways. So this leader in healthcare business process and technology solutions called in its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Innovations team to identify and implement a better way. The goal: Find a fast, flexible, and efficient communications process and technology to deliver an optimal patient financial experience for its hospital and physician group clients.

The Solution

The RCM Innovations team found Nordis Technologies, which shares Sutherland’s expertise in delivering technology-enabled services. The two teamed up to reinvent how Sutherland manages critical patient communications. Nordis’ cloud-based Expresso™ communications management software makes it easy for Sutherland to create and modify custom patient documents for each provider client.

“Our job is to bring innovative solutions to the healthcare RCM group to drive down costs, improve operations, and engage patients. That’s exactly what Nordis is doing,” said Jaison Harada, AVP of Sutherland Healthcare’s Revenue Cycle Management Innovations team. “Just one example is the ease of implementing new clients with Nordis: It’s like night and day.”

Sutherland also takes advantage of Nordis’ print and mail services for a complete turnkey solution, eliminating the complexities of managing multiple vendors and simplifying the production process. Expresso™ sends output files directly to Nordis’ state-of-the-art, fully redundant
production facilities.

The Benefits

  • Accelerated Onboarding. Faster, more effective new client onboarding, reduced from weeks to days.
  • Lower Costs. Eliminate change order fees from printer.
  • Increased Efficiency. Develop and modify documents as needed with self-service capability.
  • Personalization. Ability to include other customized patient engagement materials such as loyalty cards and welcome packets.

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