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Improve board and owner experience with streamlined payment, election, and HOA communications tools

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Our HOA solutions transform communications,
payments and elections

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• Governance Materials •
Ballots and Proxies • Annual Meeting Notices • Call for Applicants •
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As growth in community associations skyrockets, so does the complexity of producing and delivering HOA communications.

Expresso™ is an intuitive HOA solution that lets you simplify and automate the process of developing and distributing HOA communications. Our cloud-based customer communications management technology seamlessly integrates with our print/mail and digital delivery services to give you unmatched control and flexibility that is unmatched when compared to traditional HOA communications tools.

You create, customize and deliver print and digital communications via email, text, digital wallet, mail, Certified Mail® and other channels—all from an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Customize text, logos and images by association and by owner.
  • Create reusable document and email templates.
  • Build text blocks and add photos, logos and other images in your own content library.
  • Update disclosures and other HOA communications with a few clicks.
  • Automate handling of return mail and email bounces.
  • Generate reports and create audit trails.
  • Offer a range of print and digital delivery options, including mail, email, SMS/texting and digital wallet.
  • Use money-saving ExpressoCertified® for documents requiring signatures and tracking.

new HOAs annually*

1 in 4
Americans belongs to an HOA*

HOAs represent 44 million U.S. households*

of 2020 new-home construction is HOAs, condos and cooperatives*

*Aberdeen research

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Make managing HOAs and other community associations even easier by integrating billing and payments on a single dashboard.

Combining our ExpressoPay® electronic bill presentment and payment system with Expresso gives you a complete, secure package of HOA solutions perfectly equipped for handling the full cycle of billing services and payments.

Integrated billing and payments increases ease of use and convenience for HOAs and their owners. Digital HOA communications tools, such as e-billing, text payment reminders and mobile payment options appeal to growing numbers of consumers, especially when they contain digital account and payment links.

With ExpressoPay, you can provide custom payment portals by HOA so homeowners and renters can view statements and make online, mobile and IVR/CSR payments. Our PCI DSS Level 1-compliant application accepts a range of payments:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • ACH
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay

Owners can make one-time payments or set up recurring payments or payment plans with notifications.

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For an even more inclusive package of HOA solutions, add ExpressoVote® to administer HOA elections quickly and easily. Using this addition to the Expresso platform, you’ll have all of the HOA communications tools you need to manage the entire season of election communications and voting:

  • Create and distribute digital and print HOA communications including:
    • Calls for board candidates
    • Annual meeting notices
    • Ballots and proxies
    • Voting reminders
    • Election news
    • Voting results
  • Customize and automate the process and materials to meet requirements of each HOA, including weighting.

  • Provide and tabulate omnichannel voting, with mailed ballots, in-person and online voting as well as mailed proxies, in-person and online proxy voting, helping ensure quorum is met.
  • Deliver transparent, accurate results with an e-voting system that has real-time reporting and third-party election certification.

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Expresso for property management firms
and community association managers

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Gain Control

With this trio of HOA communications tools, you can run the entire process from your computer, eliminating back-and-forth with different print, email and text vendors or extra change costs.

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Increase productivity and efficiency

Document creation that took many hours or days now takes just minutes with our HOA solutions.

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Simplify compliance changes

Make a compliance update in your content library and Expresso automatically identifies and changes all affected documents.

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Convert owners to digital communications

Our versatile solutions make it easy to offer secure digital options to owners, increasing their satisfaction while reducing print and postage costs.

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Speed HOA onboarding

Our scalable HOA solutions let you quickly create custom communications for new clients.

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Improve cash flow with omnichannel delivery

Meet HOA and consumer expectations for convenience and ease of use in communications – from mail to mobile – and in payments that lead to happier owners and a healthier bottom line.

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