The Power of CCM+Print: New Technologies Are Reinventing Paper Customer Communications

Executive Summary:

The rise of digital channels is far from sounding the death knell for paper correspondence. Not only does customer preference for mailed bills and other communications remain strong, companies are legally required to send customers certain documents by mail. In addition, major advances in technologies for creating, managing and printing customer mailings are transforming paper communications, making them more versatile, relevant and effective. Customer Communications Management (CCM) systems make it fast and easy to develop and customize communications and the latest continuous-feed inkjet printers can produce those materials in full color for nearly the same price as black and white.

In an omnichannel world, print remains vital for reaching and engaging customers, including fostering prompt payment, upselling and cross-selling, and delivering critical, compliance-driven communications. As important, it can present a unique customer experience, with a direct and positive influence on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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