Automating HOA Elections with ExpressoVote

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If you’re like most vacation ownership companies, you are already gearing up for the big fall HOA election season even before summer has officially arrived.

That’s because timeshare elections are extremely complicated:

  • Fragmented ownership: The average resort has 130 units and up to 70 owners per unit, which translates into as many as 9,100 ballots for just one property.
  • Ballot weighting: Individuals may own more than one week or points so their vote carries more “weight” when calculating results.
  • Volume: Vacation ownership companies are often running many elections simultaneously.
  • No two elections are alike: There are different rules for each resort, including what disqualifies a ballot and what constitutes quorum.

Improve efficiency and owner satisfaction

Technology, in the form of our ExpressoVote system, can transform this process, making it faster, smoother, more accurate and easier for both vacation ownership companies and owners.

Another advantage owners and timeshare companies can agree on: Holding down election costs. One Nordis client reduced annual print and postage cost by nearly $3 for every owner who converted to online HOA voting and election-related communications. Plus, there is the additional savings from not having to manually count and tabulate ballots.

It’s not unusual for resorts that switch to ExpressoVote to see many owners move to electronic balloting.  Nordis Technologies manages hundreds of homeowner association elections each year. We handled more than 1.5 million annual meeting and proxy notices and tabulated hundreds of thousands of online, mailed and in-person votes in 2018 alone.

Offering digital voting gives owners more choice and convenience, too, improving participation and making it easier to reach quorum. HOA boards also often appreciate removing the appearance of any potential conflicts with their management company or developer by outsourcing vote tabulation, reporting and certification to an impartial provider such as Nordis.

How it works

Created especially for HOAs, our configurable ExpressoVote application lets you quickly and easily customize the voting process to comply with the specific requirements of each resort property, such as weighting based on ownership and total number of owners. It easily handles online voting, mailed-in ballots and in-person voting at annual meetings, offering online and hard-copy tabulation and real-time reporting and election certification.

ExpressoVote also is secure, with a proven process for authenticating each owner and keeping votes confidential.

Integrated with Expresso

Adding our voting application to your Expresso platform gives you the power to manage the entire cycle of election communications and voting from a single cloud-based dashboard.

From your desktop, you can create electronic and print notifications, calls for board candidates, annual meeting notices, voting alerts, ballots and reports—all branded and unique to each resort property and HOA. To increase digital engagement and online voting, you can include a member opt-in to receive future communications and balloting electronically. Mailed communications (which still remain the most popular channel for HOA governance) are processed through one of Nordis’ two document production facilities that are located in Coral Springs, FL and Las Vegas, NV.

We’d really like to work with you to automate your elections while improving the owner election experience. Please contact us at