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Simplify annual HOA elections and governance

Build a better election process

If you’re ready to replace your time-consuming and labor-intensive homeowner association election process, ExpressoVote® is just what you need.

Created especially for HOAs, our flexible ExpressoVote application lets you offer owners choice and convenience, starting with digital and print communications options for how they receive election news and voting instructions. It also facilitates owner participation with online voting  as well as more traditional in-person and mailed proxies and ballots.

Integrated into our Expresso customer communications management platform, ExpressoVote HOA election software gives you the power to manage the entire cycle of election communications and voting from a single cloud-based dashboard.

In a few clicks, you can create electronic and print notifications, calls for board candidates, annual meeting notices, voting alerts, ballots and reports—all branded and unique to each resort property and HOA.

You can easily customize the voting process to comply with the specific requirements of each association, such as weighting based on ownership and total number of owners. It easily handles online, mailed and in-person voting at annual meetings, offering real-time reporting that aggregates all voting channels, plus third-party election certification.

Combining omnichannel communications and voting improves efficiency and owner participation and satisfaction, making ExpressoVote the most popular election application in the vacation ownership industry.

ExpressoVote is secure election software, with a proven process for authenticating each owner and keeping votes confidential.

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Simplify Governance

Combine election communications and voting to manage the entire proxy season from a single dashboard.

Increase Efficiency and Control

Move to an automated process. Establish business rules to run your election process and easily develop and distribute customized ballots and other election materials for each HOA.

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Expresso software eliminates labor-intensive processes to increase productivity

Improve Election Participation

Monitor results 24/7 to ensure quorum is met and send follow-up mail, email or text communications to increase voter response.

Increase Digital Engagement and Owner Choice

Offer options for easy and fast offline and online voting and communications, improving customer service and voter participation.

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save time and money

Save Time and Money

Reduce print and mail costs with an opt-in process for digital delivery of HOA governance and election-related communications. Online vote tabulation reduces return postage and manual handling costs and speeds results.

Enhance Owner Confidence

Provide real-time results during the annual meeting and third-party election certification.

Key features

Integrated platform: Use a single dashboard for managing election communications, voting and results reporting.

Turnkey solution: Manage print document creation through electronic and print production and distribution, plus management, tabulation, results reporting and certification of mailed, in-person and online voting.

Omnichannel options: Cater to owner preferences with mail, SMS/Text, in-person and online voting and transactional communications options.

Powerful user tools: Create and manage documents, content library with text, images, and logos, business rules and more. Monitor results and generate reports 24/7/365.

One-to-many setup: Property management companies need just one ExpressoVote configuration to service multiple HOAs, setting variables in the data to drive HOA-specific content and voting parameters.

Configurable and flexible: Set parameters from login credentials to rules for voiding votes, plus owner ability to revise or revoke votes.

Secure application: Assign unique set of log-in credentials to each owner and specific URL for each HOA.

Third-party certification and authentication: Independent authority to validate process and results, including dual entry and verification for all hard copy votes.

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