Direct Mail Tips: How to Pass the Envelope Test

When it comes to direct mail, few things matter more than the envelope. How it looks and what it says will determine if your mail is opened or thrown away. So if you want to get your message out, you’ll want to check out these direct mail tips:

 1. Grab Their Attention

Make your prospect feel like you really understand them. Do you have a solution to their problem? Are you selling something related to their interests? If you really know who they are, add a few keywords to the envelope teaser, like “exclusive offer for homeowners inside,” to forge an instant connection.

2. Give Them a Taste of What’s Inside

So what’s the big deal? Why should your reader open this letter? Are you giving away something for nothing? Is there a discount coupon, an important piece of critical communication, a personalized how-to guide or an exclusive offer inside? Tell them.

3. Create a Sense of Urgency

Is there a deadline? Put it on the envelope. Tell them what they’ll be missing if they don’t rip the envelope open right now.

 4. Don’t Be Something You’re Not

You can make the envelope look like an express envelope, an official notice or a bill to increase open rates, but you’ll want to be clear about who you are from the start. Making someone believe you’re one type of organization, when you’re really another, does nothing but erode your credibility.

 5. Change It Up for B2B

If your mailing is part of a B2B campaign, you don’t want it to look like advertising. You want it to look like a business communication. Why? Because most business executives have staff members who will toss anything that looks like junk mail. So get rid of the teasers and keep it professional. You could even consider using handwritten fonts to add a personal touch.

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