Why ePresentment Solutions Matter to Millennials

By now you’ve probably read plenty of articles about millennials — their high expectations, their inquiring minds, their irreverence. Millennials live in the now. They expect up-to-the-minute information, instant gratification and the technology that delivers it all at a moment’s notice. And for companies who wish to attract these hyper-connected, digitally-savvy consumers, an ePresentment solution is often the ticket to entry. Here’s why:

“Mail? What’s That?”

Don’t get us wrong here. Mail is far from dead. Direct mail campaigns continue to reach audiences that email never could, and for many customers, it’s still the preferred way to receive bills and other critical communications with sensitive information. This doesn’t hold true for millennials, however. Much of what a millennial finds in their mailbox (if they bother to look) is junk or yesterday’s news. They’re always one step ahead — except when it comes to bills that arrive exclusively by mail. In other words, if you want to keep the communication lines open and the money coming in, you’ll want to give millennials other options.

“You Know Where to Find Me”

The beauty of ePresentment is that when a bill is ready, an email is sent out. And that notification automatically reaches the receiver on their preferred device. For millennials who live on their mobile phones, email is a great way to reach out without being too invasive.

“Give Me More, Not Less”

Millennials may be willing to give up more of their personal information online or on social media, but they also expect more in return. What does more mean? More means more customization, more relevance, more information and more options — and ePresentment solutions provides all four. It provides the kind of real-time information via an online payment portal that’s customized and has an extensive statement history. ePresentment satisfies the need to know it all — right now.

“Remind Me, I Expect It”

Alerts are part of the millennial lifestyle — from the buzz of their fitness band, to the ding of their cell phone, to the pop-up that reminds them to pay their bill or go to their next meeting. ePresentment works in perfect harmony with this serenade of alerts. When a bill or communication is ready, an alert is sent out and the information is available right away.

Companies who are embracing the technology and the immediacy that “Generation Now” demands aren’t just investing in the present, they’re investing in their company’s future. ePresentment is just one way to help bring your business one step closer to this world of tomorrow, but there are many more. For more information about ePresentment and business communications planning, contact Nordis Technologies.