Think ExpressoPay® Is Just a Payment Portal? It Is So Much More

ExpressoPay Platform

ExpressoPay is chock-full of capabilities that make it faster, easier, and more effective for you to handle consumer payments from multiple channels while delivering a better experience for your paying customers.

It starts with flexibility and control at your fingertips. Our configurable ExpressoPay technology lets you accept and integrate online, mobile and/or automated phone (interactive voice response, or IVR) payments on a single system. For even greater ease of use, ExpressoPay seamlessly integrates with Expresso for streamlining the entire consumer billing and payments cycle on one platform.

Our robust electronic bill presentment and payments system keeps you secure, compliant and current on technology and payments without the expense or compliance liability of building and maintaining your own.

Payment and processing choice

Clients can choose which payment methods to offer: ACH, credit and debit cards, including FSA and HSA, PayPal, and Amazon Pay, with Apple Pay coming soon. ExpressoPay works with any bank and any credit card processor. If clients don’t have access to a credit card processor, Nordis can set up that relationship.

Digital + self service

Nordis can create digital payment portals for all of a particular client’s customers and brands, including individual timeshare resorts, managed properties and hospitals. The payment portals enable e-presentment so consumers can view and print their bills and other communications online. The portals also let consumers handle other self-service account management activities such as reviewing payment history. For example, many companies give consumers the options to save their payment method(s) and set up recurring payments and payment plans—with all options configurable to comply with each brand’s terms and policies.

Better customer service

ExpressoPay makes it easier for call-center representatives to take payments, too. Customer service reps can access the payment portal along with a caller and help the caller make an online payment while they are on the phone together.

Secure integrated client-owned payment portals

ExpressoPay offers advanced integration capabilities, including single sign-on and API options for clients with their own online payment sites. With single sign-on, clients host their own payment portal and keep authentication on their site but also use ExpressoPay. When their customers click the payment button, they’re notified they’re being transferred to a third-party site to facilitate payment. They move securely to Nordis’ payment site and don’t have to reenter their login credentials. With an API model, clients build their own payment site and send information using APIs to Nordis to process payments.

Linking consumer accounts

Another benefit is linking multiple accounts so consumers can make multiple payments with one log-in or call to an IVR system. Let’s say a family has three healthcare accounts and one person wants to pay all outstanding bills. With the ExpressoPay portal, the individual simply logs in or calls in to access and pay all the accounts—without having to log in and out or calling in for each account.

Accepting payments outside of ExpressoPay

Some clients submit payments not taken through ExpressoPay to Nordis via API so they can have a single settlement at the end of the day without reconciling payments from multiple sources. Nordis produces and send these companies a combined file each night.

Opting In/Out

Billers also use ExpressoPay to drive digital adoption. Many set up their payment portals to prominently promote email and text messaging over print communications. The system then provides clients with updated consumer communication preferences, including new email/text signups, any updated email addresses or cell numbers and opt-outs, for their billing and payments systems.

ExpressoPay expedites payments, increases operating efficiency and improves customer satisfaction with a personalized financial engagement experience. Contact us today to learn more.