Meet Our Team: Collaborating to Optimize Each Client’s Expresso™ Installation

Ronaldo Gilley and Donna Cintron-Collaborating to Optimize Each Client’s Expresso™ Installation

Meet team members Ronaldo Gilley, Solutions Consultant and Donna Cintron, Implementation Specialist

Ronaldo Gilley, Solutions Consultant

Ronaldo is on the front lines of ensuring Nordis captures and translates each client’s communications needs into the best version of Expresso for them.

He leads the discovery phase of the onboarding process. In establishing business requirements, he serves as the vital bridge to Nordis’ implementation and development teams, helping clients make the most of the Expresso digital communications platform.

“It’s a total team effort. We call it Hypercare because we’ve got all eyes on the project, making sure everything goes off without a hitch,” he says.

Ronaldo joined the company as a Client Success Manager 5 years ago—on his birthday. He was attracted to the company culture and the opportunity to advance his career, drawing on previous experience working as a client liaison, often with business analysts and IT, in business process outsourcing. A few years ago, he was promoted to senior manager.

In his role, he works with the client’s team of technical subject matter experts, end users, and business executives to craft general and technical business requirements that determine how Expresso is customized. The requirements are based on the client’s current communications as well as its interest in leveraging new capabilities in the Expresso platform, such as adding email and text messaging or new mailed communications.

Ronaldo focuses on developing an implementation blueprint that ensures no disruption to the client’s communications output during the transfer to Nordis. He also plays a key role in helping clients gain a more thorough understanding of Expresso and Nordis, including sharing formatting, content, delivery frequency and other communications best practices as well as training client users on the platform.

When Ronaldo isn’t leading business requirements development, he spends time with his daughter, who’s attending Florida State—which is Ronaldo’s alma mater. He writes a blog of personal reflections and poems, which can be found at He’s also excited to be fulfilling his long-time ambition of writing a novel.

Donna Cintron, Implementation Specialist

Donna works closely with Nordis’ development team to convert client business requirements into precise Expresso configurations. Working in parallel with development, she determines how everything should be built from specific parsers, APIs, HTML email editors and workflows to communications templates, content libraries and custom tables. Then she tests it all before the client’s go-live date.

Her focus encompasses both bringing on new clients and supporting existing clients that want to add new communications channels or make other project change requests to their Expresso setup.

“No program is the same, so it taps my critical thinking skills. As Expresso evolves, I constantly challenge what we’ve done in the past and look for the best ways to set up clients every time. I might say ‘Instead of using these four columns, why don’t we set up a rule to handle this function?’” Donna says. “The goal is to make it as easy and streamlined as possible for the client.”

Donna relies on her extensive knowledge of Expresso and Nordis, having participated in both the platform’s and the company’s ongoing innovation and growth.  She joined Nordis in the early days, starting 19 years ago as an Administrative Assistant. She was promoted to Account Manager, now known as a Client Success Manager, where she worked for years directly with clients. In 2015, she moved into her current position, which is more behind the scenes in the client onboarding process.

Outside of work, Donna’s 3-year-old and 15-year-old daughters keep her busy, including taking her eldest to frequent dance competitions and on mother-daughter trips to New York City, Georgia and other vacation spots. Donna’s has also started a personal challenge to read a book a month in 2024.

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