Meet Our Team: Leading Client Journeys from Implementation to Success

Meet Our Team: Yanely and Jeremy

Meet team members Yanely Valdera Ortiz, Expresso Implementation Manager and Jeremy Youngren, Senior Director of Client Success

Yanely Valdera Ortiz, Expresso Implementation Manager

Yanely (“Jan-elly” to her co-workers) joined Nordis as a receptionist in 2005. Within a few years, she carved out a career path in software implementation, eventually earning promotions and an associate degree in Information Technology.

Yanely and her team customize each Expresso implementation to meet the client’s specific requirements for emails, statements or other packages. “The goal is to ensure each client’s Expresso program is straightforward and simple to operate,” Yanely says.

Together with Client Solutions and Production, Yanely reviews each setup, tests everything to confirm client requirements are met, and checks to make sure the program and the data integrate as intended.

Proofing is a critical part of Yanely’s job. It requires comparing the output of every email, letter or document in the client’s implementation phase to its mapping document, which is an exact example communication from the client. It’s meticulous work, calling for patience and precision.

“I love what I do,” Yanely says. “I’m glad to have had the opportunity to be with Nordis for so many years. I’m pretty fast with implementations, and I’ve become a more critical thinker, looking for ways to keep improving the program and processes. I feel like I’ve grown with the company.”

She says her Nordis family knows her pretty well. They know Halloween is her favorite holiday, and they’ve seen her three kids grow up and now her two little grandsons, Romeo and Remy. But they may not know about her growing animal family — a dog and a cat, several fish and eight cockatiels, with the promise of cockatiel hatchlings to come.

Jeremy Youngren, Senior Director of Client Success

Jeremy joined Nordis in January to manage and grow its channel partnerships, which include Fifth Third Bank and ACI/Speedpay. His responsibilities quickly grew to include overseeing client accounts and directing Nordis’ Client Success Managers. These are the folks that work every day to help clients using Expresso™ and ExpressoPay® to reach their goals and boost performance.

Much of Jeremy’s work advances the customer experience. His time is split between client business reviews, identifying how clients and partners can further leverage the Expresso platform, and working with Nordis’ internal teams to define what’s next for product, process, service and support.

Jeremy started in the industry in 2005, serving in operations and client service leadership positions across numerous verticals, including financial services, insurance and utilities. He was attracted to Nordis because of the quality of its products and customer service: “There’s a big gap in the marketplace around CCM in that most of what’s out there is one-size software. Expresso is powerful yet easy for customers to use and get the ROI they need. Customers can manage print production and digital distribution from the Expresso suite, providing a complete solution at their fingertips.”

Away from work, Jeremy is a big fan of fantasy sports, playing in six baseball and football leagues. He’s a huge music lover, with nearly every jazz album released in the 1950s in his collection. Back in the day, he held his own, playing classical and jazz trumpet. Jeremy admires sports cars and has a Nissan GT-R, which he nurtures, he says, to ensure its life is as long as his.

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