Meet Our Team: Developing and Delivering Client-Focused, Data-Driven Solutions

Meet our team: Bill Walker - Lee Selinger

Bill Walker

As chief technology officer (CTO), my role is about forward thinking and implementing our new technology roadmap – where we plan to take Nordis’ technology to solve client problems and provide new opportunities.

I’m an active developer, which is unusual at this level. It’s helped me truly appreciate how Nordis created and patented the Expresso® platform to provide for client needs. What a strong foundation for us to build on.

One big future focus is data. I like being hands-on and recently re-built Nordis’ data warehouse consolidating Expresso, production, accounting and ERP systems data. Linking this information results in better reporting of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), internally and for our clients.

We’re further enhancing the value clients derive from their data. Clients already have great visibility into the customer communications process through Expresso. Over the next year, we plan to provide more advanced reporting and analytics that we’re developing in-house and with technology partners.

The journey that brought me to Nordis in 2021 began in Tallulah, Louisiana, where I grew up. After college, I was in Special Operations Supply and Support in the Navy for eight years, which included Operation Desert Storm. I then settled in Franklin, Tennessee, where I remain today. I’ve served as CTO in previous roles and as chief information officer (CIO), managing a multinational remote IT infrastructure and application support teams with people in Japan, the US and France.

My wife’s a third-grade teacher, and we have a 26-year-old son, 16-year-old son, 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old identical twin boys.

We live close to the Harpeth River, so I kayak and fish to relax. And I love to play golf. People might be surprised to know that along with playing sports in school, I also played jazz trumpet and baritone in the symphony band.

I’m looking forward to talking to more clients this year, especially about their KPIs and data analytics needs. I learned long ago that it’s important to validate what your customers need versus what you think they need before you begin developing. It’s key to building the right solutions for them.

Lee Selinger

I’m Nordis’ Swiss Army Knife. Since joining in 1995, I’ve had the opportunity to have many roles and fit in everywhere. My positions have included production manager, data operations manager, IT support, and the graphic arts manager, all of which I still contribute to as needed.

In my current role heading up product support and operations, I’m the go-to for case management for anything Expresso-related. If a client raises a hand to say, “X isn’t working or can we make it do Y?” I’m on it. I’ll solve the issue or consult a developer or implementation team member to resolve the case as fast as possible.

I also manage the job queue. That’s every job running through Expresso, making sure we meet client expectations, process everything quickly and accurately and get those jobs out the door. In addition, I manage the team that implements ExpressoPay®, our electronic bill presentment and payments solution.

On a typical day, I’m often putting out fires, and sometimes I’m fanning the flames. “Oh, that’s a great idea! How can we put it into action? Yes, let’s try that, and what else can we do with this?” I have an arts degree from the University of Tampa, so I bring some right-brained thinking to my work.

We’re always finding ways to enhance Expresso, to support clients’ changing businesses and consumers’ changing communications and payments preferences. To be able to do email, text, print mail, and payments, with everything integrated into one solution that clients can manage themselves, it’s an outstanding product. And the people that we’ve hired in the last five years or so are excellent. We’ve got the right core to move forward to the next level of Expresso’s evolution.

It sounds like I’m all work and no play. And it’s true; I don’t tend to take a lot of vacations. In fact, last year I worked every day, so I’m finally looking forward to getting away. My co-workers were shocked when I put out the email that I’ll be out on vacation. They thought it was a prank.

People here say Nordis is like a family. Ronnie is my brother, so that’s REALLY true for me. But it’s not an exaggeration. We look out for each other. If anyone has questions or needs a hand, they can always call me. I do what I can to help others, regardless. That’s just who I am.

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