Meet Nordis’ New COO Nicole Miller

Nicole M Miller COO Nordis Technologies

Tell us about your career.

I’ve focused on technology, healthcare technology and operational management for nearly 30 years. I’ve gone from being a builder and fixer of technology to a builder and enhancer of companies–improving operations, improving service, and developing teams. I love all of it.

I began in clinical healthcare as a medical assistant and moved into coding and building IT systems for practice management. Working in the ER prepares you for managing all kinds of situations at a fast pace.

Back then, there were patient management systems for hospitals but not physicians. Before I knew it, I was boarding planes and traveling across the country to take medical practices from paper to technology systems. At the time, I wasn’t old enough to rent a car. I’d build a server from scratch and spend a week or two with the doctor and his staff to install it and train them. I built tech for patient scheduling, ledgers, creating statements, all the operations that are now called revenue cycle.

What attracted you to Nordis and the role of VP of client services two years ago?

I was a Nordis client for more than three years, heading product management at CarePayment. Having worked closely with the Nordis team, I knew we shared the same values: The importance of service, the importance of quality, and a focus on innovation that solves problems. Becoming part of that team and helping grow and strengthen the company’s products and services was very attractive.

What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of since you’ve joined Nordis?

Implementing systems including Salesforce and processes to help us run more efficiently while still keeping our high level of service. We’ve always done what it takes to meet a client’s needs, but we’ve moved away from a more ad hoc approach to standard procedures and training to ensure consistency, speed and access to the full range of solutions to improve customer experience.

To facilitate new client onboarding, for example, we created a standard template library last year—a portfolio of document templates including letter, post card and statement.

What are your priorities as COO in the next six to 12 months?

We are focused on Expresso product advancements, further streamlining client implementation and delivering a client journey that goes above and beyond what the client expects. Nordis is known for its service and relationships, and we want to build on that and make them even better. One area we are targeting is more communications analytics to help clients more effectively tailor their outreach and interactions.

What do you do for fun (besides working at Nordis)?

I love mountain biking, especially in the Everglades, and Peloton biking. I also like to hike. Here, I do what I call flikes–Florida flat hikes—at least compared to the terrain I was used to in Oregon. My goal some day is to hike to the base camp of Mount Everest. And, of course, I do like the beach here.

What activities do you enjoy with family?

My daughter, who is a sophomore at the University of Tampa, and I love going to estate sales. We also love exploring cities, starting with coffee and roaming around.

I’m also having to re-learn how to be an empty nester. My daughter came home in March, as did all college students, but she’s back in Tampa this fall.

Favorite vacation?

My favorite vacation so far is hiking in northern Croatia. It was beautiful. A year ago, I also hiked Whistler Mountain in British Columbia.

After years living in Oregon, how do you like south Florida?

I love it! I enjoy waking up to sunshine, palm trees and ocean—three of my favorite things.

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