Q&A: Nordis Direct’s New Las Vegas Location

Lately, Nordis Direct CEO Ronnie Selinger has been busier than ever, reviewing building plans and traveling back and forth to Las Vegas, Nevada.  It is here, where Nordis Direct will add  a new 16,000-square-foot production facility, which opens in January 2015.   (more…)

Building Relationships with Direct Marketing Services

The most knowledgeable and experienced lettershops, direct mail advertising agencies, direct mail marketing firms and direct mail printers operate on the premise that a relationship with a new customer actually begins, rather than ends, from the very moment they become one. That’s why the direct marketing services you choose beyond that point…

Data Processing Services – A Must for Direct Mail Companies

For many time and resource constrained direct mail companies, dealing with a never-ending stream of address corrections, additions, duplicates, deletions, and data modifications on direct mail mailing lists can be an especially frustrating and overwhelming experience, and outpace their ability to keep up with them. (more…)

Preserving Postage, Profits with Data Processing Services

One of the largest and most unnecessary expenses incurred by direct mail firms and mailing houses each year stems from outdated and inaccurate direct mail mailing lists. In fact, millions of dollars are lost annually due to insufficient processes in place to make address corrections, deletions, additions, eliminate duplicates and/or modify data…

Perfecting Your Project with Lettershop Services – Part 1

  After creating your direct mail project, it’s important to secure the services of a lettershop, mailing house and/or direct mail fulfillment company that offers a wide array of specialized finishing services prior to mailing. Be sure that they can perform their lettershop services in-house, and with the highest level of quality.…

Saving Time, Money with Full-Color Digital Printing Services

  Today, more and more direct mail companies that have grown tired of the costly time- and labor-intensive procedures typically associated with traditional offset printers are switching to the unprecedented speed, flexibility, efficiency and affordability of full-color digital printing services. (more…)

Making the Most of Your Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail companies understand the distinct difference between direct mail marketing services and traditional advertising services, especially when it comes to creating direct mail pieces, direct mail postcards, direct mail letters, direct mail offers, direct mail packaging, and other collateral marketing material. (more…)