Perfecting Your Project with Lettershop Services – Part 1

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After creating your direct mail project, it’s important to secure the services of a lettershop, mailing house and/or direct mail fulfillment company that offers a wide array of specialized finishing services prior to mailing. Be sure that they can perform their lettershop services in-house, and with the highest level of quality.


Some of the most popular and effective lettershop services include digital printing, match-mailing, inserting, addressing, sorting, in-plant load verification, laser personalization with variable data, hand-fulfillment, and postal optimization. In the first of a series of articles about the lettershop services most requested by direct mail companies, we’ll explore the benefits of match-mailing and inserting.

At times, direct mail projects require that personalized direct mail letters be inserted into custom-addressed envelopes. That is why it’s extremely important the correct direct mail letter is placed into the correct envelope. This process, known as ‘match-mailing’, has been automated by lettershops, mailing houses and direct mail fulfillment companies to ensure accurate delivery and results.

Lettershops, mailing houses and direct mail fulfillment companies also utilize the latest inserting equipment to handle the most complex mailing requirements. Inserting equipment enables multiple components to be inserted into different envelope sizes mechanically, then sealed and metered. Printed material that is too large, thick, delicate or complicated to be mechanically assembled can be manually inserted into bags, boxes and/or envelopes by hand.

If your direct mail campaigns require match-mailing and inserting services prior to mailing, we invite you to share your comments and results.



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