Product Feature: ExpressoCertified® Automates Tracking Sensitive Documents

Automated Certified Mail Software - Expresso

The volume of certified mail is undoubtedly going to rise in 2021 as businesses resume certain communications that were suspended or reduced during the pandemic in 2020.

With ExpressoCertified, volume is no issue. You can easily and quickly automate the delivery, tracking, and archive of Expresso-generated communications delivered via U.S. Postal Service Certified Mail.

Create demand letters, certificates of sale, complaint packages, notices to foreclose, checks and other customer correspondence in Expresso and choose the ExpressoCertified option for delivery, just as you would indicate email or first-class mail. Nordis treats this package as it would any production split.

ExpressoCertified also now offers the option of delivery with or without signatures in line with USPS-modified delivery procedures.

How it works

For all records marked as Certified Mail, we leverage our direct integration with the USPS to add a Certified Mail tracking identification number for each piece. We create a driver page with the name, mailing address and tracking ID for each Certified Mail communication which the Postal Service uses throughout the process. We insert the Certified Mail piece into specially designed envelopes with green Certified Mail markings, then add it to our other USPS mail pickups.


With ExpressoCertified, you can:

  • Automate delivery channel within Expresso. Forget the time-consuming process of filling out green cards. ExpressoCertified leverages the USPS Return Receipt Electronic process.
  • Save money. Eliminating green cards in favor of the Return Receipt Electronic process also saves $1.15 in postage per mailing package ($1.70 vs. $2.85 based on 2021 USPS rates).
  • Track every step of the way. Once the certified tracking ID is assigned, clients can follow the delivery process directly from Expresso without having to log on to the USPS website.
  • Obtain and save electronic receipts. When the postal worker obtains the signature on his/her handheld device or otherwise confirms delivery, the information is immediately transferred to Expresso electronically. With green cards, companies have to wait for them to be mailed back and then record individual signatures.
  • Search multiple records. With Expresso, you can view the status of multiple mailings versus one at a time using the USPS website.
  • Run reports. All the information resides in Expresso, so you can sort and run reports on your Certified Mail pieces by package, zip codes or other criteria.
  • Keep long-term archive. Documents are retained in Expresso (including proof of delivery and signature confirmation) for the duration of the archive period defined for each communication program.

New benefit: With and without recipient signatures

After completing the months-long Postal Service certification process for each option, Nordis offers Certified Mail with and without signatures. Clients simply indicate which version they want when setting up the package in Expresso.

The two options give clients extra flexibility since it’s proving difficult to obtain recipient signatures during the pandemic because consumers often want to limit their contact with USPS delivery personnel. In both cases, the process records proof of delivery and this confirmation is attached to the record.

If you’d like to streamline and improve your Certified Mail process, we can help. Please contact us at