Saving Time, Money with Full-Color Digital Printing Services

Today, more and more direct mail companies that have grown tired of the costly time- and labor-intensive procedures typically associated with traditional offset printers are switching to the unprecedented speed, flexibility, efficiency and affordability of full-color digital printing services.

The latest four-color digital printing technologies are simplifying the entire direct mail printing process for direct mail campaigns large and small. Digital printing presses lack the complicated set-up process typically experienced when using traditional offset printers. In turn, this makes producing limited offers and time-sensitive campaigns faster and easier than ever before; driving down direct mail costs in the process.

Full-color digital printing also offers the ability to utilize personalized messages that have been proven to increase response and conversion rates among targeted direct mail prospects and clients. Variable data printing (VDP) options can be used to switch out names, graphics, photos, text, and designs targeting recipients of direct mail marketing campaigns according to their individual needs or demographics.

If your direct mail service provider has utilized full-color digital printing services to produce your direct mail pieces, direct mail postcards, direct mail letters, direct mail packages, direct mail special offers, and/or direct mail printing projects, we invite you to share your comments and results.