Tips & Tricks: Making Expresso Program Changes

Expresso Program Change Request on yellow sticky note

From time to time, Nordis clients identify a need to update their programs.  Most content changes and new package creation can be easily self-serviced within the ExpressoTM platform.  There are a few activities that require Nordis assistance including changes to a data input file, business rule and/or a template layout.

Your Client Success Manager (CSM) will work closely with you to understand what you want to accomplish with your desired changes and document your requirements via a Program Change Request, also known as a PCR.  Here are the key steps involved for successful change management:

  1. Provide Overview & Deliverables
    Email your CSM a summary of your goals for the change and provide:
    • Updated content
    • An “all-scenarios” test file
    • Data map to illustrate fields to be used in the new communication
    Data and detailed samples are the starting point for all Expresso changes and must be supplied prior to scheduling any detailed discussions.
  2. Meet & Share Details
    Provide a brief agenda to your CSM with available days/times to discuss your needs.  Your CSM will send an invitation to a Microsoft Teams video conference to review your materials online and assess if you are ready to move forward.
  3. Document Requirements & Estimate
    Your CSM will recap your conversation and document in a PCR, requesting an estimate for the level of effort and anticipated cost to complete.
  4. Approve & Review
    Upon PCR approval (and confirmation of accurate client files and documentation), you will receive a preliminary date for completion and the work will be invoiced.
  5. Build & Test
    From there, the changes will be configured by our development team and you will receive samples for signoff from our Test Environment.  If additional changes are made after PCR approval, an updated estimate will be provided to approve prior to Go-Live.
  6. Schedule & Deploy
    When the work is fully tested and samples approved, your CSM will work with you to schedule a “data pause” to push the changes into our production environment, running one final set of samples for approval.  This is necessary to ensure that the test and production environments are properly synchronizing.

Most changes that require Nordis’ assistance are completed within 30 to 60 days from PCR signoff, depending on the scope of the project and complexity of the workflow. 

If you’ve been thinking about a change that would make your work easier or help you automate or scale your business, reach out to your CSM today to begin the process.