When Interviewing Job Candidates, Recruit for the Future, Not Just Today

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When interviewing job candidates recruit for the future

It’s tough attracting new employees and retaining your talent these days. Companies are juggling workforce shortages, quiet quitting and employees’ changing job expectations, from wanting remote-only work to seeking out companies that offer purpose and not just a paycheck.

It can be tempting to try to fill that empty seat or line position ASAP and not worry too much about the longer-term. When it comes to hiring, though, short-term thinking often leads to short-term employees.

At Nordis Technologies, we’ve built a culture that values individuals and their contributions, a business where our employees say it really feels like a family. Here’s our philosophy, summed up by our founder and CEO Ronnie Selinger: “Recruit the right people, treat them well and they will help your business go far while making the journey rewarding and even fun along the way.”

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So how do we identify potential employees who would be a good fit for our company? One question I like to ask: What position, if different from the one you are interviewing for, would you like to grow into?

Not only does this demonstrate our interest in the professional development of our employees, but it can also give you a feel for the future retention of this employee and whether they’ll put time and effort into learning and growing with our company or run after an opportunity elsewhere in a few months.

Sometimes the answer can spark ideas of a possible development path for this new hire. It can also give you some impressions of how realistic their goals are, which can be a quick test for critical thinking.

I’m looking for honest answers even if the answer is “I have no idea.” It’s easy to sniff out someone simply telling you what they think you want to hear versus an authentic, realistic response. The answer can say a lot about an employee’s character, which can outweigh someone with their future completely mapped out and attached to an outcome.

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