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AP Payments-as-a-Service

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Cut costs and improve supplier relationships

Key Benefits of AP Payments-as-a-Service

Increase Productivity and Cashflow

Replace time-consuming and error-prone manual processes with streamlined, automated electronic payments. Leverage payments-as-a-service platform Finexio to bring innovation to your accounts payable operation.

Stay competitive while successfully managing the increasing complexity of proliferating payment methods, terms, channels and types.

B2B AP Payments-as-a-Service

Free up to 84% of your AP staff’s time related to supplier payments

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AP Payments-as-a-Service Optimizes your B2B Payments

Eliminate time-consuming tasks such as manual check payments

Payment Optimization

  • Identify most efficient payment method per supplier
  • Focus on driving electronic payments
  • Discount identification and capture
  • Fraud detection and monitoring

Cash Flow

  • OnDemand supplier early payment
  • Dynamic payment term management
  • Access to third party funding
  • Rebates earned for virtual card payments

Supplier Enablement

  • Continuous supplier enablement
  • Convert 100% of supplier payments regardless of channel
  • Portal access for payer and suppliers
  • Ongoing concierge-level supplier care

More Benefits of ExpressoAP Payments-as-a-Service Feature

Improve productivity

Free up staff time by eliminating manual AP payments processing.

Save money

Electronic payment types cost 30 times less than paper checks while each manual AP payment costs $6 to $10.

Earn rebates

Virtual card rebates exceed transaction and servicing costs creating a net positive cash flow for all clients.

Increase data security

Electronic payments are more secure as 3 out of 4 organizations experience check fraud every year.

Stay compliant

Automate invoice processing and payments to ensure compliance with contract payment terms to avoid legal, financial and reputational costs.

Enhance supplier experience

Cater to payment preferences, including growing expectations for electronic and faster options, including ACH, virtual cards, wire transfers, and cross-border transfers.

Key AP Payments-as-a-Service Features

    • 10 payment options
    • Automation and artificial intelligence
    • Real-time actionable insights
    • White-glove AP staff and supplier staff support
    • Online supplier portal to track payments
    • Seamless integration with Expresso
    • Fast implementation
    • Streamlined supplier onboarding
    • 100% fraud liability
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