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 Mobile payment services accelerate payments
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Mobile payment services increase digital and financial engagement

Meet your customers where they are at—on their mobile phones.

ExpressoWallet® mobile payment services and customer communication lets you take advantage of the digital wallet apps for Android and Apple iOS smartphones to deliver the convenience and ease of use customers are looking for in omnichannel communications and mobile payment options.

You can offer branded, customized and secure mobile services including:

  • Electronic bill presentment and payment with real time balance and convenient tap-to-pay feature
  • Vacation or event confirmations
  • Virtual membership and loyalty cards with accumulating rewards balances and member access links.
  • Text notifications of important reminders, messages and alerts

It’s part of a single, seamless solution for integrated communications and payments that links our Expresso customer communications management and ExpressoPay EBPP technologies. ExpressoWallet makes it simple to create and deliver billing statements, confirmations, marketing messages and other digital customer communications, plus streamline payments, using this fast-growing mobile channel.

Consumers using mobile payment services with digital wallet statements pay four days faster on average, with overall online payments increasing 14% and call center inquiries dropping 33%, according to ACI Worldwide.

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Faster Mobile Payment Processing

Omnichannel billing that includes mobile payment services and wallets make it fast and easy for customers to pay on the go, supported by real-time balance information, due-date alerts and two-touch pay while removing cash flow delays from mailed checks or late payments. About 40% of consumers who receive bills in their mobile wallets with links to online payment options pay immediately instead of waiting till closer to the due date, according to ACI Worldwide.

Mobile Payment Services Improve Customer Experience

Expand choice and convenience for transactional communications, with immediate and handy access to bills, customized offers and account information. Eliminate paper or email coupons and reservations and physical credit/debit and loyalty cards.

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Mobile Payment Services Increase Loyalty

Automatically keep membership cards, points, coupons, and other offers up-to-date and always available, encouraging greater participation to boost sales and brand loyalty.

Personalize Marketing

ExpressoWallet mobile payment services let you send push notifications that light up their smart phone with timely messaging. Leverage the built-in capability to segment by groups or even market one-to-one with targeted and timely offers and incentives. Capitalize on real-time performance data that allows you to test options and adapt your outreach for optimum response.

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Increase Digital Engagement with Mobile Payment Services

On average, 10% to 15% of customers sign up for digital wallet statements and mobile payment services, ACI Worldwide has found. You can leverage this interest to boost use of other digital communications and biller-direct payment channels, such as your branded payment portal.

Key features

Mobile payment solutions for customer communication

Simple tap or click to upload branded app

Two-tap payment option

Configurable mobile payment platform

Real-time customer information updates

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