Automating and Personalizing Patient Billing and Payments

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New white paper explains how cloud-based customer communications management software accelerates digital transformation of the healthcare revenue cycle

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA, October 6, 2021— Customer communications management (CCM) technology bridges the growing digital divide between what healthcare consumers want in their patient financial experience and what many providers and revenue cycle management firms currently deliver, according to a new white paper from Nordis Technologies.

RCM leaders including Meduit, Convergent, TeamHealth, Sutherland and HBCS describe the financial, operational and patient experience advantages of their CCM platform in the white paper, Accelerating RCM’s Digital Transformation with Customer Communications Management Technology. They cite such benefits as expediting revenues, improving performance and enhancing patient satisfaction and engagement to lower barriers to payment.

“Patient responsibility represents a major and growing share of total healthcare revenues, but providers usually only collect a fraction of what is owed. CCM technology digitally transforms revenue cycle operations to cater to patient preferences while also improving efficiency and productivity,” said Bryan Ten Broek, the white paper author and vice president of business development for Nordis Technologies.

Pandemic exacerbates need for RCM digital transformation

For much of healthcare, COVID-19 has only deepened the digital disconnect. According to InstaMed’s Trends in Healthcare Payments, March 2021:

  • 75% of consumers want to enroll in electronic statements from providers.
  • 85% of consumers would prefer an electronic payment method for medical bills.

But providers and RCM firms aren’t delivering, often stuck in the past with legacy systems and processes. Instamed found 93% of providers rely on manual and paper-based transactions to collect patient payments after insurance.

CCM delivers digital transformation

Changing this dynamic doesn’t require massive IT investments, according to the white paper. Cloud-based omnichannel CCM technology, used extensively in industries like financial services and utilities, gives RCM leaders the control and flexibility to customize patient financial communications, meeting healthcare consumers’ growing expectations for choice and convenience. It’s HIPAA-compliant and secure, from mobile to mail.

Self-service CCM software also drives major gains in operating efficiency and productivity, the white paper reports. It automates manual operations and tasks while streamlining the entire process from developing patient financial communications to distributing them through print and/or digital channels.

For more information on digitally transforming patient billing and payments, download the white paper.

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Nordis Technologies is a leader in cloud-based, omnichannel customer communications management technology, integrated with digital delivery, print and mail services and payment solutions. Companies trust Nordis to drive digital transformation and improve customer experience and financial performance with Expresso®, its patented platform that delivers complete control and agility for creating, managing and distributing critical digital and print communications. Nordis operates state-of-the-art digital and print production facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada and Coral Springs, Florida.

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