Partner Spotlight: Meduit Finds Strategic Advantage Being in Control of Communications and Client Onboarding

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With 1,000 healthcare systems to manage, Meduit’s CEO Jeff Nieman says there’s no time to waste when onboarding new healthcare clients for patient financial communications. Using Nordis’ cloud-based Expresso™ customer communications management platform, Meduit gets these organizations live in as little as 45 to 60 days.

The big reason implementation is so fast is that Expresso has eliminated the hassle and time of getting letters set up and content changes made. New letters can be implemented in 24 to 48 hours and any subsequent edits can be done in minutes. That compares to taking 30 to 60 days just to get letters set up with other vendors.

“Getting letters set up no longer slows down our implementation. It’s not something we have to worry about.  It’s simply a line item we handle ourselves, and it happens quickly,” Nieman said.

Boosting patient and provider experience

As the nation’s #3 RCM provider, according to Modern Healthcare, Meduit produces and distributes about 2 million print and electronic patient billing statements and letters a month. With each print and digital communication, Expresso gives Meduit a strategic advantage because it greatly improves the patient experience and provider client satisfaction.

“Improving the patient experience comes from the ability to customize letters and control letter templates to deliver our best-practices letters on Day 1,” Nieman said. “There’s flexibility for us to add website URLs or QR codes to letters at the drop of a hat.”

In addition to direct patient experience, Expresso elevates Meduit’s impact with its provider clients. For instance, Meduit facilitates patient payments by adding information to bills and other communications with appropriate payment portals and options, improving service to providers.

Whether it’s a new regulation or changing business conditions, Meduit can respond quickly and stay compliant with the flexible Expresso CCM platform. That ability gives peace of mind to clients. “Expresso does help us stay compliant with federal and state laws and regulations,” Nieman said.

Client satisfaction translates into high Net Promoter Score surveys, with Meduit consistently achieving between 50 and 60. Any score of 50 or above is considered excellent, according to Bain & Co., creator of NPS.

“We take great pride in knowing Meduit is a premier brand in the industry and that we drive very high client satisfaction. We’re the trusted go-to partner across the full spectrum of healthcare providers, from large complex health systems and individual hospitals to provider groups and standalone physician practices all over the country. Having partners like Nordis that support us and help us maintain that client satisfaction score is critical to our ongoing success,” Nieman said.

Push for digital

One of Meduit’s key initiatives in 2022 is to demonstrate the advantages of digital communications, including text. Meduit data shows 50% of patients prefer digital communications yet many healthcare organizations do not offer that option.

“There’s a huge disconnect between what patients say they want and what healthcare providers are actually doing today when it comes to the patient financial experience,” Neiman said.  “Meduit is positioned to make that connection for healthcare provider organizations that helps them meet and exceed patient needs and expectations.”

With Expresso’s omnichannel communication capabilities, Meduit can begin emailing and texting patients as soon as the provider gets permission from the patient to go digital. When reaching out to patients, a text gets the same response and payment rate as a phone call, but at a much lower cost.

Neiman added that there’s little crossover in those who want text and those who prefer a call, so doing more text communications can lift revenue and collections because it expands the opportunity for a response with the group that doesn’t want a phone call.